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Poll Question: Does early voting hurt Republicans?, KTRH 740AM, 10/20/2020

Early voting in Harris County outpacing 2016, as more than 628k vote in the first week, Houston Chronicle, 10/18/2020

Texas is the most intriguing political state in the county this fall, The Washington Post, 10/18/2020

'You feel the racial tension': Meet the first black candidate in an 84% white Texas district, Houston Chronicle, 10/14/2020

Biden would be good for oil prices, Goldman Sachs says. Houston Chronicle, 10/12/2020

Pay attention to state races, they will determine what life will be like in Texas, Dallas Morning News, 10/11/2020

How COVID changed everything for Houston's 2020 politicial campaign and candidates, Houston Chronicle, 10/9/2020

Anaylsis: How did John Cornyn, MJ Hegar stack up during the debate? KXAN Austin, 10/9/2020

Friday's Sentate debate a chance for Cornyn and Hegar to reintroduce themselves to voters, Texas Standard, 10/9/2020

Lantinx voters could determine election outcome in Texas, RA News, 10/7/2020

Houstonians report mounting mental health toll from COVID-19, survey finds, Houston Public Media, 10/7/2020

Democrats raise big cash in push to take Texas House but GOP candidates also ramping up, Dallas Morning News, 10/7/2020

Wednesday's Houston Matters: Monitoring Air Pollution During Storms, and the week in politics, Houston Public Media, 9/23/2020

State's top policy researchers to collaborate on Texas Blueprint for Urban Policy, Texas LBJ School, 9/22/2020

Who will help the hospitality industry? And who else has closed?, The Austin Chronicle, 9/16/2020

Houston bars are doing their best to survive the pandemic- but not all of them will, Houston Public Media, 9/11/2020

Planned parenthood group endorses Sarah Davis, rebuffing activists' push to support her Dem opponent, Houston Chronicle, 9/3/2020

Wednesday's Houston Matters: The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, Mail-in balloting in court and other political developments, and letter writing resurgence, Houston Public Media, 9/2/2020

Three years after Harvey, Houston's home repair program continues to lag. Who to blame?, Houston Chronicle, 8/29/2020

Latest Texas polling shows Trump ahead, contentious congressional races, The Texans, 8/26/2020

Opinion: We asked Houstonians about Harvey and they have not forgotten the hurricane's lessons, Houston Chronicle, 8/23/2020

Kamala Harris could prove helpful to Joe Biden in Texas, RA News, 8/18/2020

UH study: Hispanic businesses in Houston struggling during pandemic, KHOU 11, 8/15/2020

What 5 Texas political science and policyl experts are reading now, RA News, 8/14/2020

A Bernie democrat will win againtry to flip Texas 10th District, Bloomberg Businessweek, 8/13/2020

Houston's Hispanic businesses  disproportionately affected by pandemic, UH survey shows, Houston Public Media, 8/12/20

Homeschooling in a pandemic, the week in politics, and making Houston prettier, Houston Public Media 8/12/2020

Covid-19 impact: Job cuts in US oil field services sector accelerate, Offshor technology, 8/11/2020

Houston's hispanic businesses are being hit particularly hard by COVID, survey shows, Houston Chronicle, 8/11/2020

Job losses climb in oilfield services, Rigzone, 8/11/2020

Texas independent music venues fight for survival with new legislations, CultureMap Dallas, 8/10/2020

Oil, gas, and mining industries shed jobs again in July, Forbes, 8/10/2020

Texas independent music venues fight for survival with new legislation, CultureMap Fort Worth, 8/6/2020

Wednesday's Houston Matters: School district hearing, political roundup, and quarantine mental health, Houston Public Media, 7/22/2020

Event designer Bobby Garza in Austin, in a pandemic: I'm mentally preparing myself a lot of ramen in the future', Billboard, 7/21/2020

Campus to computers: Higher Ed can make the most of online innovations, Texas Public Policy Foundation, 7/20/2020

3 challenges faceing Harris County's election office leading up to the November election, Community Impact Report, 7/20/2020

City of Austin provides COVID-19 relief grant for childcare centers, Corridor News, 7/20/2020

Thursday's Houston Matters: Going back to school, and mask and politics, Houston Public Media, 7/16/2020

Senate and congressional runoff result sets the stage for November matchups, Texas Standard, 7/15/2020

Austin was destined to replace silicon valley. Then the pandamic hit, Maker Medium, 7/15/2020

Pecan Street Texas clean energy webinar July, 14, Pecan Street, 7/14/2020

Texas primary runoffs: Democratic enthusiasim fuels record turnout, Houston Chronicle, 7/13/2020

Forty percent of Texas renters unsure if they can make their next payment, Houston Chronicle, 7/13/2020

Report: New study predicts 90% of Austin's music venues could close by November, Live For Live Music, 7/13/2020 

Survey: Austin live music venues in serious danger of closure by fall, KVUE, 7/12/2020

Survey finds majority of Austin's live music venues could close for good, Texas Standard, 7/10/2020

More than 60% of Austin live music venues in danger of closing this year, survey finds, Austin Business Journal, 7/9/2020

Majority of Austin music venues say they won't last more than a few months, Fox 7 Austin, 7/8/2020

Nearly 94,000 OFS job losses tied to COVID-19, Rigzone, 7/8/2020

Survey predicts 90 percent of Austin live music venues to close by Halloween, Austin Monitor, 7/8/2020

Straight Talk Texas #16: A conversation with Kirk Watson, Texas 2036, 7/6/2020

Oilfield service job losses near 90,000 data shows, Midland Reporter-Telegram, 7/4/2020

Local officials fustrated as governors change rhetoric and send mixed messages on coronavirus, ABC News, MNS News, 6/30/2020

Bar owners weigh sales against staff safety, Food Manufacturing, 6/29/2020

Most Texas hairstylists rebuke Shelley Luther for breaking law, new poll shows, Dallas Observer, 6/29/2020

How Texas lost control of the virus, Bloomberg, 6/28/2020

Faced with little choice, Texas hair care professionals return to work, Houston Business Journal, 6/26/2020

Bar  owners worry as virus surges in their workplaces, The Washington Post, 6/26/2020

Barbars, hair stylist split on safety of reopening during the pandemic, Phys Org, 6/26/2020

The sun belt spikes could be a disater for Trump, The Alantic, 6/25/2020

Political Roundup: Are 20-Somethings Really To Blame For COVID-19 Spike?, Houston Public Media, 6/17/2020

No Joe: Energy industry worried about Biden victory, KTRH 740AM, 6/16/2020

Kirk Watson, former state senator becomes founding dean at UH Hobby School of Public Affairs, Fox 26 Houston, 6/14/2020

Kirk Watson of the University of Houston-Hobby School of Public Affairs, Eye on Houston, 6/13/2020

Texas oil, natural goas sector sees $30-59 WTI by next May, views Biden as biggest threat, Natural Gas Intel's Shale Daily, 6/12/2020

Texas oil and gas poll shows wariness of Biden, Rigzone, 6/12/2020

Survey: Some Texas oil and gas producers fear a Biden presidency, Houston Public Media, 6/11/2020

Black Lives Matter: Beginning of the end for white privilege?, Roundtable, 6/9/2020

A Texas showdown: How Biden could take the Lone Star State, US News, 6/9/2020 

McNeely: A Texas policy playbook for the pandemic, Longview News-Journal, 6/4/2020

Will President Trump get to nominate a third supreme court justice?, KPRC AM 950, 6/3/2020

Texas universities team up to create post-pandemic plan, Decibal, 6/2/2020

Will COVID-19 be the impetus for medicaid expansion in Texas, Reform Austin News, 5/29/2020

Texas Supreme Court rejects push to expand voting by mail during coronavirus, Community Impact Newspaper, 5/28/2020

9 ways to make the Texas econmy more resilient and equitable, Houston Public Media, 5/28/2020

Texas policy experts offer playbook for post-pandemic recovery, Spectrum News, 5/27/2020

'Without China, we're dead.' Houston entrepreneurs cringe as GOP escalates internationa clash, Houston Chronicle, 5/22/2020

Hobby School founding dean Kirk Watson introduced at Board of Regents meeting, The Cougar, 5/22/2020

Houston Matters: Policy changes to aid recovery, and voting during a pandemic, Houston Public Media, 5//22/2020

Texas unemployment rate hits worst on record at 12.8%, Texas Tribune, 5/22/2020

Political Roundup: Mixed messages from state and local leaders as more business open, Houston Public Media, 5/20/2020

Texas Matters: Post-COVID playbook for recovery, Texas Public Radio, 5/18/2020

New report looks at Texas economy's recovery post-COVID-19, Fox 7 Austin, 5/18/2020

How Texas can improve its chances for post-pandemic economic recovery, The Dallas Morning News, 5/18/2020

Texas policy expert issue playbook for post coronavirus recovery, Fox 7 Austin, 5/13/2020

Texas policy experts offer playbook for post-pandemic recovery, UT News, 5/13/2020

Coronavirus in Texas: Policy experts lay out post-pandemic recovery plan, Texas Tribune, 5/13/2020

A road map foa a post-pandemic Texas, Texas Standard, 5/13/2020

Survey: Harris County poll workers willing to show up amid pandemic, voters' reaction mixed, Houston Chronicle, 5/9/2020

Salon owner released in orders of Texas Supreme Court after Gov. Greg Abbott forbids putting coronavirus scofflaws in jail, The Dallas Morning News, 5/7/2020

Kirk Watson still plays a key role in the state's coronavius policy, even though he's left the Texas Senate, Houston Public Media, 5/4/2020

State Sen. Kirk Watson headed to University of Houston, KVUE, 4/30/2020

Carnage in the way: More than 200,00 job losses projected for Houston, Mortgage Professional America, 4/30/2020

Texas Restaurant Association president: Phased opening approach is responsible way forward, Community Impact Newspaper, 4/29/2020

Political Roundup: Gradually reopening Texas businesses, Houston Public Media, 4/29/2020

With little certainty and a lot of hope, Texas restaurants and retailers navigate new rules as they prepare to reopen, Texas Tribune, 4/29/2020

Coronavirus pandemic forces many small business to close for good, Newsweek, 2/28/2020

Pese a la autorizacion de reabrir, que restricciones se mantendran para los restaurantes en Texas?, Univision Houston, 4/27/2020

Some Austin business reluctant to open despite new order allowing them to, CBS Austin, 4/27/2020

Roughly 19% of Texas restaurants in Texas closed permanently in early weeks of coronavirus pandemic, study says, Dallas Business Journal, 4/27/2020

Nearly 20 percent of restaurants, bars permanently closed as others struggle during coronavirus lockdown, The Texan, 4/27/2020

Opinion: Watson has been a true champion for mental health, Austin American-Statesman, 4/27/2020

Roughly 19% of Texas restaurants in Texas closed permanently in early weeks of coronavirus pandemic, study says, Houston Business Journal, 4/27/2020

Houston's struggling restaurants preparing for 'new normal' with post pandemic reopening, KPRC, 4/25/2020

How restaurants are handling the COVID-19 shutdown, Covering Katy News, 4/24/2020 

East End restaurants rally as new impact UH study reveals statewide impact of coronavirus, KHOU 11, 4/24/2020

Dine-In shutdown crippling Texas restaurants, survey finds, Houston Public Media, 4/24/2020

Senator Kirk Watson talks reopening the Texas economy and his impending retirement from politics, The Texas Tribune, 4/22/2020

Tariffs on Chinese imports have taken a toll on Houston, Mirage News, 4/23/2020

Political Roundup: Emergency Medicine in a pandemic, and Fort Bend Judge KP George, Houston Public Media, 4/21/2020

Watson: Texas' coronavirus recovery demands immediate boldness, Austin American-Statesman, 4/12/2020

Political Roundup: Paying for the economic stimulus measures, Houston Public Media, 4/8/2020

Political Roundup: Response to COVID-19, And Biden Pulling Away in Delegate Race, Houston Public Media, 3/18/2020

Gov. Abbott postpones special election for Kirk Watson's seat, Everything Lubbock, 3/16/2020

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez announces run for Texas Senate seat, KXAN, 3/7/2020

County officials to discuss possible Eckhardt resignationat Tuesday meeting, Stephenville Empire-Tribune, 3/6/2020

Royce West faces an uphill battle, but not impossible, battle against MJ Hegar, KUT90.5, 3/6/2020

Primary Results: Biden wins Texas; Van Duyne, Granger hold leads in GOP house races, KERA News, 3/4/2020

A Progressive for the Lone Star State, The American Prospect, 3/3/2020

It's election day in Houston. Here are 5 things to watch, Houston Chronicle, 3/3/2020

They voted early for Buttigieg and Klobuchar in Texas. Now some feel they threw their votes away., The Eagle, 3/2/2020

Casar takes first step in bid to replace state Sen. Watson, Austin American-Statesman, 3/2/2020

Texas to have its say on pivotal Super Tuesday, Austin American-Statesman, 3/2/2020

Local Democratic Party leaders: West Texans will rally behind nominee, Midland Reporter-Telegram, 3/1/2020

Texas voters still comparing candidates amid shrinking field, Austin American-Statesman, 3/1/2020

'Not over yet': Biden-Sanders on Super Tuesday collision course as biggest trove of delegates awaits, USA Today, 3/1/2020

5 Things to watch for in Super Tuesday's vote, Newsday, 3/1/2020

Bloomberg is banking on delegate haul in Super Tuesday votes, Newsday, 2/29/2020

In Houston, job losses would kill support for Green New Deal, poll shows, Houston Chronicle, 2/28/2020

Democrats trying to gain swing House seats in Texas stare down possible Bernie Sanders nomination, CNBC, 2/28/2020

Warren, Castro hold town hall in San Antonio ahead of Super Tuesday, Austin American-Statesman, 2/27/2020

Austin donors favor Bernie Sanders. In Houston, it's Joe Biden, Houston Chronicle, 2/27/2020

Democratic front-runners in virtual tie with Texas voters ahead of primary, poll shows, Forth Worth Star-Telegram, 2/26/2020

In Texas, most Black voters so far are backing Biden, The Texas Signal, 2/26/2020

With an unusually large Democratic field on Super Tuesday, delegate cutoff looms large for some presidential candidates in Texas, The Texas Tribune, 2/25/2020

Presidential candidates visit Texas, stumping for votes, abc 13 Eyewitness News, 2/25/2020

Poll: Democratic Senate Candidates still mostly unknown in the race to take on John Cornyn, KUT 90.5, 2/25/2020

Poll: Democratic Challenger to John Cornyn Still Largely Unknown to Texas Voters, Sacurrent, 2/25/2020

Poll: Hegar way out front in crowded Democratic Senate field, Austin American-Statesman, 2/25/2020

MJ Hegar ahead, Royce West a distant second in poll on Texas Democratic Senate primary, The Dallas Morning News, 2/25/2020

Survey: Texas Primary may be the end for Bloomberg's campaign, KLVI AM 560, 2/25/2020 

How Democratic presidential candidates are trying to win Latino votes in Texas, San Antonio Express News, 2/25/2020

Bloomberg campaign again criticized for social media tactics - as it happens, The Guardian, 2/24/2020

Sanders, Biden tied and turnout news for February 24, TXElects, 2/24/2020

Some presidential hopefuls are visiting Texas before Super Tuesday, Reform Austin, 2/24/2020

Campaign 2020 live updates: Tight race in Texas between Biden and Sanders, new poll shows, The Washington Post, 2/24/2020

UH Poll: Biden, Sanders virtually tied in Texas, Houston Public Media, 2/24/2020

Poll: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden neck and neck in Texas, BreitBart, 2/24/2020

Moderate Democrats, Texas Republicans condemn Bernie Sanders' praise for Castro program, The Dallas Morning News, 2/24/2020

Poll: Texas could be Bloomberg's Waterloo, Austin American-Statesman, 2/24/2020

Poll: Biden, Sanders tied in Texas, followed by Warren, The Hill, 2/24/2020

Sanders and Biden deadlocked in Texas a week ahead of Super Tuesday, new poll says, Forth Worth Star-Telegram, 2/24/2020

Bad blood? Texas Democratic Senate hopefuls MJ Hegar, Cristina Tzintzum Ramirez ratchet up criticisims, The Dallas Morning News, 2/23/2020

Kirk Watson Leaving Texas Senate for University of Houston, Texas Standard, 2/21/2020

Kirk Watson resigns from Texas Senate, The Austin Chronicle, 2/21/2020

First day of early voting sees turnout spike, Houston Chronicle, 2/19/2020

Five minutes with the new dean of the UH public policy school, Houston Business Journal, 2/19/2020

Kirk Watson to resign from Texas Senate for job in academia, Austin American-Statesman, 2/18/2020

Austin Democrat Kirk Watson resigning from Texas Senate to take higher-education job, The Dallas Morning News, 2/18/2020

State Sen. Kirk Watson to resign from senate and become Hobby School founding dean, The Cougar, 2/18/2020

State Sen. Kirk Watson to resign, become University of Houston's first dean of public affairs, The Texans, 2/18/2020

State Sen. Kirk Watson to retire from Texas Senate, The Texas Tribune, 2/18/2020

Experts say Kim Ogg has edge in DA's race, even with pressure from the left, Houston Chronicle, 2/14/2020

Houston Zoo had $242M economic impact in 2018, new study reveals, Community Impact Newspaper, 2/13/2020

Concerns about Sanders' socialism, Trump impeachment trial winners, church shooting drills, lawsuit over Dallas park plan, The Dallas Morning News, 2/11/2020

Prepping for the primaries, The weeks in politics, and Houston's Classic Restaurants, Houston Public Media, 2/5/2020

Gates staves off Markowitz in 'bellwether' Fort Bend runoff; Eastman beats LaRotta, Houston Chronicle, 1/28/2020

Breaking down recent developments in the impeachment trial of President Trump, Fox 26 Houston, 1/27/2020

Another Democratic Debate And Impeachment Managers Named, Houston Public Media, 1/15/2020

Buying Lottery Tickets Just Got More Convenient. Maybe Too Convenient., Pew Charitable Trusts (blog), 1/10/2020


5 Things to watch in Texas politics in 2020, The Dallas Morning News, 12/31/19

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner wins reelection in runoff, Houston Chronicle, 12/15/19

Self-funded candidates achieve mixed results in Houston area, Houston Chronicle, 12/5/19

As early voting begins, Sylvester Turner-Tony Buzbee mayoral runoff much quieter than first round, Houston Chronicle, 11/26/19

Deal with Dollar General revives concerns Texas Lottery is targeting low-income players, Houston Chronicle, 11/8/19

Texas Standard for November 6, 2019, Texas Standard, 11/6/19

Turner, Buzbee headed for December runoff in Houston mayoral race, Houston Chronicle, 11/6/19

The Crowded Houston Mayoral Race Has Shaken Up Traditional Bayou City Politics, Texas Monthly, 11/4/19

How Do Voters Know If A City Controller Is Doing A Good Job?, Houston Public Media, 11/4/19

Houston mayor's race: crime, flooding, Trump are all issues, Washington Post, 11/2/19

Houston mayor's race barrels toward Election Day with rowdy first week of early voting, Houston Chronicle, 10/27/19

UH Hobby School pool finds Turner leading mayoral race; flooding big issue, NewsRadio 740 KTRH, 10/21/19

Turner Pulls Further Ahead of Rivals, Uh Hobby Poll Shows, Houston Public Media, 10/21/19

Turner ahead in New Poll as Early Voting Begins, Texas Election Source, 10/20/19

New Poll from UH Hobby School shows Turner with a strong lead in Houston's mayoral race, Fox 26 Houston, 10/20/19

Houston Newsmakers: Latest survey shows Houston mayor with significant advantage, Houston Newsmakers-KPRC, 10/20/19

Sylvester Turner could win Houston mayor's race without runoff, UH poll finds, Houston Chronicle, 10/20/19

Houston mayoral foes debate city finances, drainage fee, airport intern, Houston Chronicle, 10/8/19

Buzbee widens financial edge over Turner, ups campaign spending to $10M, Houston Chronicle, 10/7/19

Full Show: The Week in Politics, And Howie Mandel, Houston Public Media, 9/18/19

Foes claim crime is up; stats say not so, Houston Chronicle, 9/15/19

'Texodus": Why the Lone Star State might turn blue for real this time, The Christian Science Monitor, 9/12/19

Democratic Debate Highlights Texas Polential Status As 2020 Swing State, Houston Public Media, 9/12/19

Elizabeth Warren assails 'corruption,' promises change as Democrats swarm to Texas, Dallas Morning News, 9/10/19

Texas is Changing-Quickly, The Atlantic, 9/6/19

Turner touts union backing after AFL-CIO declines to endorse in mayor's race, Houston Chronicle, 9/5/19

Why Republicans Should Ditch The Electoral College, The National Memo, 8/20/19

How Growing, Diverse Cities Could Force A New Republican Strategy In Texas, Texas Standard, 8/15/19

Political Roundup:  Immigrants And Benefits, And Another Challenger For Cornyn, Houston Public Media, 8/14/19

Houston area voters will have $3.5 billion decision about future of transit on November ballot, Houston Chronicle, 8/13/19

Texas' big cities may tip America's balance of power in the years ahead, CNN, 8/13/19

'Take Texas seriously': GOP anxiety spikes after retirements, Democratic gains, The Washington Post, 8/2/19

Is Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen's first scandal almost over or just beginning?, Dallas Morning News, 7/31/19

Political Roundup: News Bills Becoming Law, and Joint Primary Voting, Houston Public Media, 7/12/19

Pinto: Electoralmente, el ataque a China ayuda a Trump, El Economista, 7/11/19

Democrats put Texas in focus, as Houston named as debate site, Statesman, 7/10/19

Political Roundup: Presidential Debate Headed To Houston, And Remembering Ross Perot, Houston Public Media, 7/10/19

Will Texas turn blue in 2020 or simply become more deeply divided?, TribTalk, 7/8/19

No More Business As Usual For Oil and Gas Companies, Forbes, 6/28/19

Political Roundup: New Bills Becoming Law, And Joint Primary Voting, Houston Public Media, 6/12/19

Funding increases will go toward new Law Center, College Medicine, The Cougar, 6/10/19

Dwight Boykins officially files to campaign for mayoral seat, KPRC, 6/5/19

How'd the 86th Texas Legislature do? [Analysis], Houston Chronicle, 6/3/19

Survey Reveals Texan's Opinions On How To Fund Public Schools, As Legislative Session Nears Close, Houston Public Media, 5/21/19

Political Roundup: Generational Differences Among Texas Voters, And China Trade War's Affect on Houston, Houston Matters, 5/21/19

Political Roundup: Judge Rules Prop B. Unconstitutional, and Texas Poised To Raise The Legal Smoking Age, Houston Matters, 5/17/19

Texans Support Property Tax Caps, Some More Than Others, Texas Tribune, 5/13/19

Most Texans don't want to pay higher sales tax, Dallas News, 5/7/19

Texas can look to California about school funds, taxes, Houston Chronicle, 4/25/19

New Polling Project To Gauge How Houstonians Feel About Immigration Policies, Houston Public Media, 4/19/19

Political Roundup: Property Tax Reform, And Candidates Release Their Tax Returns, Houston Matters, 4/17/19

80 percent of Texans say more state funds should go to schools, AP News, 4/15/19

80 percent of Texans say more state funds should go to schools, Houston Chronicle, 4/15/19

80 percent of Texans say more state funds should go to schools, My San Antonio, 4/15/19

How's the proposed 1-cent rise in Texas sales tax sitting with you?, Dallas News, 4/15/19

UH Hobby School: Raise Sin Taxes To Pay For Public Schools, Houston Public Media, 4/15/19

Texans want better K-12 education. This is how they're willing to pay for it. [Opinion], Houston Chronicle, 4/14/19

Ranked-choice voting is a better system for Houston [Opinion], Houston Chronicle, 4/2/19

Political Roundup: Firefighter Layoffs, And The DNC Passes on Houston, Houston Public Media, 3/16/19

Political Roundup: State Of The Union Analysis And Gov. Abbott's Emergency Items, Houston Public Media, 2/6/19

Winners and losers: When Texas House's powerful committee slots were assigned, who came out on top?, Dallas News, 1/26/19

Political Roundup: Shutdown Makes History, and AG Nominee Faces Questions, Houston Public Media, 1/16/19

Will 'kinder, gentler' Legislature be able to deliver on goal to curb Texas school property taxes?, Dallas News, 1/6/19


Diversity, Fund Raising Ability, Hotels Can Help Houston's Bid For 2020 Democratic Convention, Houston Public Media, 12/14/18

Political Roundup: Special Election Results, And Battling Over A Shutdown, Houston Public Media, 12/12/18

'Read My Lips': Remembering The Bush Economy, Houston Public Media, 12/7/18

Hispanic business leaders say companies need to catch up to Houston's demographics or miss out, Houston Chonicle, 12/6/18

George H.W. Bush's Life Embodiment of Texas Spirit, U.S. News, 12/2/18

Growing up in America, Children at Risk, 11/12/18

Hurricane Harvey flood victims say friends, family more important than government aid, survey finds, Houston Chronicle, 11/12/18

Post-Election Analysis, And Houston's Best Vegetarian And Vegan Food, Houston Public Media, 11/7/18

Culberson, Fletcher Neck And Neck in Final Days of Campaign, Houston Public Media, 11/1/18

Lawrence Wright, "God Save Texas", Red, White, Blue-Houston Public Media, 10/26/18

Texas' largest counties have nearly doubled voter turnout so far compared to 2014, The Texas Tribune, 10/26/18

Texas see huge turnout on first day of early voting, The Texas Tribune,  10/22/18

Parties misjudge Latino vote power, Houston Chronicle, 10/14/18

Why Texas Routinely Ranks Near The Bottom For State Voter Turnout, Houston Public Media, 10/8/18

Why don't more Texans vote?, Houston Chronicle, 10/5/18

Hobby School Survey Shows Lingering Impact of Harvey, GuidryNews, 10/3/18

Sunday's Cruz-O'Rourke Debate at UH Postponed, Houston Public Media, 9/28/18

Preview of Cruz-O'Rourke Debate, Houston Public Media, 9/21/18

Why are poll results so different for Cruz/O'Rourke race?, Khou, 9/19/18

Is Houston Ready For Another Harvey?, Houston Public Media, 9/7/18

Harvey Victims Will Be Watching Saturday's Harris County Flood Bond Vote, ABC 13, 8/24/18

Developers, engineers fund pro-flood bond campaign, Houston Chronicle, 8/21/18

A year after Harvey, residents need to help themselves by voting, Houston Chronicle, 8/16/18

Officials expect early voting on flood bond to pick up as election day nears, Houston Chronicle, 8/13/18

Houstonians are pragmatic about bond vote: Just do it!, Houston Chronicle, 8/8/18

There's strong support for Harris County flood bond, survey finds, KPRC, 8/7/18

As early voting begins, survey finds most Harris County voters support flood-mitigation bond, Houston Business Journal, 8/7/18

County reveals projects in $2.5B flood bond, Houston Chronicle, 8/6/18

Solid Majority Favors Proposed Harvey Flood Bond, UH Survey Finds, Houston Public Media, 8/6/18

Poll: Majority of Harris County residents will vote in favor of $2.5B flooding bond, Khou, 8/6/18

Majority of Harris County voters will support $2.5 billion flood bond, UH study finds, Houston Chronicle, 8/6/18

Public Involvement is Key in Combating Human Trafficking, Experts Agree During UH Law Center Panel Discussion, UH Law Center Newsletter, 4/18/18

Lost in translation: Engaging Latino voters is a challenge, Houston Chronicle, 4/15/18

In Egypt, the opposition is calling for a boycott of this month's election. Will it work?, The Washington Post, 3/12/18

Texas: GOP stays right, Democrats edge left, Southern Political Report, 3/12/18

Psst. FYI: In Texas primary, the 'red riot' eclipsed the 'blue wave', Dallas News, 3/7/18 

Record number of Latinos fill ballot in Houston, Houston Chronicle, 3/1/18

Hobby School Survey Details Houston's Harvey Experience, Houston Public Media, 2/23/18

Here's what post-Harvey policies, solutions Houston residents support most, Community Impact Newspaper, 2/21/18

Travel alert worries border business, Houston Chronicle, 2/19/18

Flood Control Bond Could Prove Tough Sell For Harris County Voters, Survey Says, Houston Public Media, 2/12/18

Survey: Residents wants improvements post-Harvey, but not a tax increase, Khou, 2/12/18

Hobby School study gathers new data on impact of Harvey, The Cougar, 2/12/18

UH Studys shows Hurricane Harvey's effect on Houston, Click 2 Houston, 2/12/18

After Harvey, slight majority still opposes more taxes fir flood control projects, survey says, Houston Chronicle, 2/12/18

Facebook helps users register to vote, The Cougar, 2/7/18

Running for governor, Andrew White steps back into his father's shadow, My Statesmen, 2/1/18

Consider the tradeoffs when raising minimum wage, Houston Chronicle, 1/10/18