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Congratulations to Carolina Lopez-Herrera and Kryss Schofield, 2020 Richard Murray Endowed Scholarship Recipients


Carolina Lopez-Herrera: "It is an honor to have received a scholarship named after a remarkable individual. Thank you for having faith in me by recognizing me and my accomplishments. My dream is to serve others through public service and be the voice for those who are silenced. I wish to create change. Even in the smallest ways, change equivocates to the loverhood of others in the realm of public service."

Kryss Schofield: "This award means so much to me and will allow me to continue my education at the University of Houston.  Dr. Murray's civic engagement has inspired me to continue to work hard to better the Houston community. In the future, beyond working as an immigration attorney and congresswoman, I would also like to run a non-profit centered around helping groups of young marginalized women pursue successful careers."

Past Recipients

Shiva Baradaran, Political Science major
Spring 2019

Danielle Niangar, Political Science and Sociology major
CHIP Intern, Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee, Fall 2016

Aylin Rodriguez, Political Science major
Spring 2019

Britnee Chuor, Political Science major
CHIP Intern, State Representative Gene Wu, spring 2018

Ben Nelson, Political Science major
CHIP Intern, City Council Member Michael Kubosh, fall 2016

Stephanie GomezHistory and Political Science double major
CHIP Intern, City Controller Chris Brown, spring 2016

Andrea ElizondoPolitical Science and Liberal Studies major
CHIP Intern, Houston Crackdown, spring 2015

Seth Howard, Political Science major
CHIP Intern, Congressman Ted Poe, spring 2015

Patrick Sears, Political Science and Philosophy major
Metropolitan Volunteer Program, spring 2015

Stephanie Brooks, Political Science and Sociology major 
State Department, Lima, Peru, fall 2013

Sarah Aimadeddine, Political Science and Economics double degree
Hobby Fellow, State Representative Jim Murphy, spring 2013

Mathew Mendoza, Political Science major
Phi Alpha Delta, vice president 2013-2014

Miriah Soliz, Political Science major
University of Houston Student Government, executive director, August 2012-May 2013

Amir Tavakkoli, Political Science and Sociology major
Shami Farouk Campaign for Texas Governor, spring 2010 

Taylor Kilroy, Political Science and Public Relations major
City Councilmember Pam Holm, fall 2009