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Spring Aid

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Disclaimer: This page is to be used as a resource for students who are newly admitted for the spring term.

Applying to UH and obtaining an admissions decision into a degree-seeking program is your first step toward completing your financial aid file. Without an admission decision, the University of Houston will not be able to load your FAFSA

Complete and send your FAFSA to UH. Admitted students are required to file a FAFSA for the appropriate aid year that includes our UH campus school code: 003652. If you have previously filled out the FAFSA and did not indicate our school code, you will not need to complete a new one, you will simply need to log in to your FAFSA and add the UH campus school code: 003652. It is important that your name, date of birth and social security number in your myUH student profile match the information entered on your FAFSA. Please contact the Office of the University Registrar to verify your student record. 

Please review the Student Aid Report (SAR) comments on your FAFSA. If you see an asterisk (*) symbol next to your Student Aid Index (SAI), formerly known as Expected Family Contribution (EFC), or if you were notified by your previous institution that your file was selected for a process called verification, additional documents are required. Your specific requirements can be viewed online via your myUH account on your To-Do List. All financial aid forms are available for download and each page must contain your myUH number before you turn it in to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Please make sure that you have no incomplete or initiated items on your Financial Aid To-Do List. All required documents must include signatures and contain your myUH ID number. Students are responsible for monitoring their myUH account for additional documents that may be required. Missing information could cause a delay on your file.

Cancel pending spring aid with any other prior institutions. You may not receive aid from multiple institutions during the same enrollment period, and doing so will result in cancellation of UH aid and a balance. You will not be able to have your spring enrollment from another institution counted toward your enrollment hours at UH for financial aid purposes. If your school has not cancelled your pending spring aid and updated the National Student Loan Data System, you may be required to submit additional forms, including Transfer Monitor forms and related documents. All students will be offered aid with an assumed full-time enrollment and only based on eligibility that you have not already utilized at other institutions during the aid year. If your enrollment is less-than-full-time on and after the 12th class day, your aid will be reduced to meet the enrollment requirements. Students who are enrolled in less-than-half-time hours will not be eligible for any federal loans.

Please secure a payment plan for your classes. If you have been admitted and have registered for your classes, but have not been offered financial aid by the time your fee bill is due, or have not received enough aid to cover your bill, please visit the Office of Student Business Services for your payment options. You also may read about deferment plans and payment options, which allow you additional time to finish seeking financial assistance for your bill.

Watch your inbox for email confirmation. Once you are offered, an email notification will be sent to the destination email address on your student profile. Please accept, adjust or decline your aid in your myUH self-service account. For details regarding your student profile or access issues, contact the IT Department. If you choose to accept Federal Direct Loans, an entrance counseling session and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) must be completed with the Department of Education by going to If you have already completed a Master Promissory Note at your previous institution, you will not need to do it again. A loan entrance counseling session is required if you are a new University of Houston student. We are unable to obtain entrance counseling information you completed while at another institution.

Disbursements don’t occur until the semester starts. Each term, financial aid disbursement begins no earlier than the first week of classes. If you have satisfied all application and disbursement requirements and meet the conditions of the offer, your financial aid will be automatically credited to your UH fee bill as a payment. Please visit our disbursement website for additional information. Students enrolled in late sessions (Sessions 4 - 6) will see their aid disbursed only after all sessions have started. If you have financial aid remaining after your tuition has been paid, UH will forward the balance to you as a refund based on your BankMobile refund preferences. Please contact Student Business Services if you have any questions about refunds.