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Piper Professor Award

Nomination Process

The Piper Professor Award recognizes superior teaching at the college level in the State of Texas. The Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation annually honors ten faculty with awards of $5,000 each for superior teaching at the college level. Selection is made on the basis of nominations submitted by each college or university in the State of Texas.

The University of Houston may submit only one nomination annually for the Piper Professor Program. The Piper Professor nominee for the university is selected by the Provost and is submitted to the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation on behalf of the University of Houston.

Guidelines for nomination:

  1. Any current full-time UH faculty who has taught for a minimum of at least five academic years prior to the year of nomination may apply.
  2. Must have been a recipient of a university level Faculty Teaching Award.
  3. Must have demonstrated continued teaching excellence at UH. Demonstrated community engagement and service is expected.
  4. Must be available for teaching observation during the spring 2023 semester so that the committee members may observe their classes or instructional materials.
  5. Must not be a prior Piper Professor Award recipient.

Finalist nomination: The selected UH finalist will be contacted to facilitate the compilation of a university nomination packet for submission to the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Piper Professor Program by their posted deadline, typically posted for late November each year. In addition to the official foundation Piper Professor nomination two-part form, up to five letters of recommendation may also be submitted as part of the finalist nomination. Letters may be from members of nominee’s administration, colleagues, and/or current and former students. Any additional material should be limited, as time does not permit review of large amounts of materials.

Past Winners

The Piper Professors Award recognizes superior teaching at the college level in the State of Texas. Only one nomination from an institution may be submitted in the nomination year and it must be nominated through the institution's president's office. The Teaching Excellence Award selection committee facilitates the Piper Award nomination for the University of Houston.

Nouhad Rizk, Computer Science

Saleha Khumawala, Accountancy & Taxation

Joe Pratt, Business/History

Jeff Morgan, Mathematics

Simon G. Bott, Chemistry

James Pipkin, English

G. Sidney Buchanan, Law

Ross M. Lence, Political Science

N. Catherine Cominsky, Biology

John Hugh Hill, History

James Leslie McCary, Psychology

Eby Nell McElrath, Chemistry

Nelda Lawrence, Business Administration


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