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Automotive & Fleet Management

The automotive and fleet management department provides up keeping and maintenance services to all UH vehicles and equipment in a professional environment. The goal is to perform trusted services that satisfy each department at the University of Houston.

Services We Provide

Automotive Services

  • Preventive Maintenance two (2) times per year
  • Maintenance of all UH Fleet vehicles (including carts, utility trucks, trailers, etc.

Fleet Management

  • Fleet records including licensing, title applications, registrations, registration renewals
  • Assist UH departments in the purchasing and disposal of vehicles
  • Improve current fleet carbon footprint by purchasing more alternative vehicles


How can I get my department vehicle serviced? In order to service your department vehicle, an annual parent work order must be submitted to the FIXIT and approved by your department business administrator for each vehicle. Once the annual parent work order is in the system, email or call the FIXIT with your vehicle number and parent work order and they will notify the auto shop.  

How can my department purchase a new vehicle? All vehicle purchases should be routed through the university’s Fleet Management department to ensure that all criteria are met. Please contact Rocky Garcia.

What are the policies and procedures that need to be followed when driving a campus vehicle? Personnel driving campus vehicles must be current faculty/staff members who have met the requirements following university risk management policies. For more information, please refer to the Risk Management website.