Facilities Installs Restroom Hardware Across Campus

Fifty-three Buildings receive new touchless faucets, door pulls and paper towel dispensers

The Facilities Maintenance Plumbing Crew led by Supervisor Greg Hanley executed a project to replace manually operated faucets and paper towel dispensers in all public restrooms across campus. In addition, foot pulls on doors were also installed in response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Work was performed between June 26th and Sept 14th (a period of 63 days) in 53 buildings providing over 3300 labor hours of support to not only replace faucets, but to make the required alterations such as adding new mixing valves, control boxes, and supply lines for the new faucets. Repairing broken pipes and valves in buildings that have a combined average age over 40 years also had to be repaired and, in some cases, sinks were replaced in order to install the new modern faucets. This was all done while maintaining support and service to the campus and responding to leaks and water line breaks.

The obvious benefits of touchless faucets are that they are operated touch-free which limits the contact to high touch point areas. These new faucets also offer a low-flow and shut off immediately which saves water allowing for a sustainable campus.  

Facilities/Construction Management would like to thank the Maintenance Plumbing Crew for their efforts towards ensuring campus safety & cleanliness. They are helping to build the futures of our students and maintain excellence throughout our facilities.