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Core Building Renovations

Project Description

The goal of the Core Renovation Project is to strategically renovate the buildings that form the general education core of the central University of Houston campus. These buildings are home to a substantial number of classrooms, labs, faculty offices and departmental headquarters. They are heavily utilized by students and faculty. The renovation plan includes addresses deferred maintenance issues, modernization of the facility and building systems and aligning the interior spaces with the occupants needs.

The buildings to be renovated include: Agnes Arnold Hall, Charles F. McElhinney Hall, Roy G.Cullen, Science Research & Engineering Center, Science & Research I and the Science Building.

Roy-G-Cullen.png  science-building.png
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Science & Engineering Research Center (SERC)

Reparative Work                           Winter 2022 - Spring 2024                         





Roy G. Cullen



Charles F. McElhinney

Construction                                    Winter 2022 - Summer 2024         


Agnes Arnold Hall (multi-phase)

Design                                              Summer 2023 – Summer 2024

Phase I Construction                       Summer 2024 - Summer 2025

Phase II Construction                     Summer 2025 - Summer 2026

Phase III Construction                    Summer 2026 - Winter 2027


Science & Research I (multi-phase)

Design                                              ongoing

Phase I Construction (exterior)      complete

Phase II Construction                      Fall 2022 Summer 2023

Phase III Construction                    Summer 2023 - Winter 2023

Phase IV Construction                     Winter 2023 Summer 2024

Phase V Construction                       Fall 2024 - Winter 2024


UH FP&C Project Team 

Nick Merry - Executive Director, Project Management
Gary Gallagher - Principal Project Manager
Kerry Prejean - Senior Project Manager