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Cullen Fountain & Reflection Pool Repairs

Pictured Through Time

Since the inception of the University of Houston campus in 1937, the reflection pool has been a central and iconic landscaping feature. This beautiful space has long served as a location for gathering, studying, and simply relaxing. In 1972, with a donation from the Cullen family, Fred Buxton & Associates design firm transformed the natural reflection pond to the plaza we know today. Longing for a favorite backdrop for professional and amateur photographers alike, this plaza includes beautified landscaping, seating elements, a bridged walkway across the fountain’s pool, and Lee Kelly’s sculpture “Waterfall, Stele and River.”

After over 40 years of operation, it became apparent that a major repair and restoration of the fountain was needed. As failing concrete joints and leaking underground pipes worsened, the fountain was shut down and a construction barrier was installed. 

UH Facilities Planning and Construction has been working diligently with engineers, contractors, and the campus community to identify the best way to preserve and restore this beloved fountain and reflection pool. 

Permanent repairs are now completed.


For additional information please contact:

Project Manager:  Theron Mathis, 713-743-9609
Principal Project Manager: Joujou Zebdaoui, 713-743-4786


Cullen Fountain quietly filled over Spring Break