Call Tree Program

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Call Tree Purpose Statement:

A call tree is a telecommunications notification chain. Call trees are appropriate when colleges, divisions, departments or areas need to contact their staff with secondary information related to an event, incident or emergency. It is recommended that all colleges, divisions, departments, areas and student organizations implement a call tree. 

The call tree should have one coordinator for each organizational structure. The call tree coordinator will ensure that all members of their colleges, divisions, departments and areas are included on a call tree chart. 

Because privacy is a concern, take special care when distributing personal information. Creating charts for each office within your organization and allowing only immediate coworkers and supervisors access to each other’s contact information can help maintain a level of privacy.

The optimum design for a call tree is modeled after the existing organizational structure. Back-up call tree procedures should also be put in place, ensuring that all calls can be executed.

Call trees should be distributed to callers. The call tree should also be stored in a back-up location that all involved parties are aware of.

Please note that the call tree does not replace the UH ALERT System on campus, it is merely a supplement.  Official emergency alerts are distributed through UH ALERT.  It is crucial that all faculty and staff have updated information in PASS. To update your emergency contact information, please visit the UH ALERT website

Call Tree Examples: