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Luis D. Medina, PhD

Luis D. Medina

Associate Professor
Collaborative on Aging Research and Multicultural Assessment (CARMA)
Clinical Psychology
Ph.D., San Diego State University/University of California San Diego Joint Doctoral Program

Heyne Building, Room 229C

Dr. Medina will be reviewing graduate student applications for the 2024-2025 academic year. Application deadline is Dec 1, 2023. Please see Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data for details.

Biographical Summary

Dr. Luis D. Medina is a licensed clinical psychologist and cultural neuropsychologist. He received his B.A. in psychology from Yale University and Ph.D. in clinical psychology/neuropsychology from the San Diego State University/University of California San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Medina completed his clinical internship at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center (geropsychology track) followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in adult clinical neuropsychology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. His research examines the cultural neuroscience of cognitive aging, particularly in the context of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD), as well as the clinical assessment and diagnosis of ADRD in historically underrepresented populations. For more information about his research, please visit the CARMA Lab website.

Research Interests

  • Cultural Neuropsychology
  • Cognitive Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
  • Brain Health Equity


  • PSYC 7339: Cognitive Disorders and Lifespan Neuropsychology III (graduate)
  • PSYC 6308: Foundations of Neuropsychology (graduate)
  • PSCY 4303: Advanced Seminar in Psychological Research (undergraduate)
  • PSYC 4397: Selected Topic in Psychology – Latino Health and Disparities (undergraduate)

Selected Publications

Complete List of Published Work in My Bibliography

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