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International Politics

  • 1335: World Politics Cr. 3 (3-0). Prerequisite: Credit for or current enrollment in ENGL 1303, or consent of instructor. Analysis of the major conflicts of contemporary world politics from a social science perspective.
  • 2342: Introduction to National Security Studies Cr. 3 (3-0). Introduction to intelligence and security needs, problems, and risk confronted by private and governmental organizations and national and homeland security.
  • 3325: Government and Politics of Russia and the Commonwealth (formerly 4325) Cr. 3 (3-0). Prerequisites: POLS 1336 and 1337 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.
  • 3331: American Foreign Policy (formerly 4341) Cr. 3 (3-0). Prerequisites: POLS 1336 and 1337 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. The foreign policy-making process and factors influencing U.S. international behavior, especially since World War II.
  • 3336: Globalization Cr. 3 (3-0). Globalization poses increasing tensions for the nation state and increasing contradictions for international politics. This course will begin to map some of the most obvious examples where sovereignty and the global society collide. The readings and lectures focus on economic, cultural, political, and technological processes that constitute "globalization" from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • 3345: National Security Law Cr. 3 (3-0). Constitutional and Congressional allocation and judicial review of war-making powers, security issues and organizations, control/oversight of intelligence gathering and covert operations, terrorism, the use of the military.
  • 3346: Human Rights Cr. 3 (3-0). Exploration of  the scope, protection, and enforcement of international human rights as well as the politics surrounding their protection.
  • 3396: Selected Topics in Comparative Politics and International Politics Cr. 3 (3-0).
  • 4334: Strategy in International Relations Cr. 3 (3-0). This course surveys the strategic approach to international relations. We employ game theory to examine the roles of individual choice and strategic interaction in issues of war, crisis-bargaining, economic cooperation, participation in international institutions, and terrorism.
  • 4340: Intelligence Analysis Cr. 3 (3-0). Fundamentals of collection and evaluation of intelligence information.
  • 4341: Risk Analysis and Assessment Cr. 3 (3-0). Complexities of assessments, perceptions, and decision making regarding threats to commercial/national/homeland security.
  • 4342: Political Economy and Ethics of the Market Processes Cr. 3 (3-0).
  • 4343: Causes and Politics of War Cr. 3 (3-0). Comparative analysis of the causes of armed conflict throughout history and the role that human nature and politics play.
  • 4345: Capstone - National Security Studies. Cr. 3 (3-0). Prerequisite: POLS 1336 and POLS 1337 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. Capstone course for National Security Studies minor.
  • 4349: International Energy Politics Cr. 3 (3-0). History, major issues, and trends in international utilization, production, management, and distribution of energy from both an international relations and comparative political standpoint.
  • 4360: Seminar in Globalization Cr. 3 (3-0). Interdisciplinary reading and research seminar on economic, cultural, political, and technological processes that constitute "globalization.: Includes general readings on globalization, specialized readings on specific topics, and an individual research project.
  • 4391: Internship in International Affairs. Cr. 3 (3-0). Prerequisite: POLS 1336 and 1337 or equivalent and consent of instructor. Internships in offices or for officials of selected local, state, national, and international U.S. government and international corporations.
  • 4396: Selected Topics in Comparative and International Politics. Cr. 3 (3-0). Prerequisite: POLS 1336 and 1337 or equivalents, or consent of instructor. (Comparative and International Politics categories.) May be repeated for credit when topics vary.