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About the Department

Our Mission

With an active research faculty working primarily in the analytic tradition, the UH Philosophy Department has been recognized as among the best MA programs in the nation.

The mission the UH Philosophy department includes the education of both MA students and undergraduate majors, and many undergraduates take courses in our department to satisfy the University's core requirements.

Most of our MA students enter the program with the expectation of eventually going on to a PhD program in philosophy, and our department regularly places students in strong PhD programs.

Our Accomplished Faculty

The Department has ten faculty members, all of whom are active in their respective fields.

The department has special strengths in cognitive science, value theory, and history of philosophy. We also have at least one specialist in each of the following areas: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, feminist philosophy, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science and political philosophy.

Our faculty members have published on a broad range of topics: epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy, philosophy of language, cognitive science, logic, aesthetics, history of philosophy, history and philosophy of science. Their books have been published by top presses (since 2000 or forthcoming: three monographs and an edited collection from Oxford, two monographs from Cambridge, and a monograph from Princeton) and their articles have appeared in top journals (since 2000: two in The Journal of Philosophy, three in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, two in the Australasian Journal of Philosophysix in Philosophical Studies, one in Philosopher's Imprint, one in Philosophical Quarterly, and one in Analysis)

Members of the faculty are also regularly represented on programs at philosophy meetings, such as those of the American Philosophical Association, the American Society for Aesthetics, the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, and the Society for Philosophy and Psychology.

To see the requirements for promotion and tenure in our department, please click here.  To see the departmental bylaws, please click here.