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Welcome to the Russian Program

Russian Architecture

Russia is the largest country in the world, occupying almost one-sixth of the planet’s land mass. Learning Russian language will give you the opportunity to open up a window onto a fascinating and enchanting nation and join  more than 200 million people who speak Russian.

The Modern and Classical Language Department offers Russian language classes and Core curriculum courses on Russian culture, film  and literature (taught in English).

The Russian and Eastern European Initiative of CLASS lists related courses offered at UH, information on the WCL minor with Russian and Eastern European Studies concentration, and news about events on campus and in the Houston metropolitan area.

Great collection of Russian programs: becker/Russian2.html


Aleksey Berg  | Office: 613 Agnes Arnold Hall  | Email 

Russian Meeting

Meeting UH professors of MCL with Mr. Mikhailov, regional director of Russkiy Mir Foundation that supports our Russian educational program and help us to develop cross-culture dialog and increasing interest in the study of Russian language around the world. ( )

   russian class picture     russian class picture

UH Russian Language Class of 2011-2012

russian buildings   russian monument