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The following is a list of courses offered at UH that contain significant linguistics-related content.


See the undergraduate course catalog for information on credit hours and prerequisites.

AAS 3340 Seminar in African American Sociolinguistics Significant theories and arguments concerning the genesis, maintenance, and social function of African American English. Changing and diverse character of the African American speech community as described by dialectologists, sociolinguists, and Creologists.

ANTH 2304 Introduction to Language and Culture Anthropological perspectives on the relation of language and culture including social use of language, language as behavior, and non-verbal communication.

ASLI 4368 Linguistics of American Sign Language Linguistic theories as they apply to American Sign Language. Syntax, grammar, and other linguistic elements unique to spatially/visually based languages.

FALL 2017 CHNS 3354 Chinese Culture and Language Taught in English. Readings and discussions on Chinese language, culture and interactions between the language and the culture from the perspectives of history, geography, and linguistics.

CHNS 3396 Chinese Language and Identity

CHNS 4396 Selected Topics: World Englishes

FALL 2017 COMD 2338 Phonetics Analysis of spoken English in articulatory, perceptual, and acoustic terms, with emphasis on general American dialect and its phonetic transcription.

COMD 2339 Language Development Theories and descriptions of typical development of language from infancy through adolescence.

CUIN 3310 Foundations of Bilingual Education Rationale and history of bilingual programs for limited or non-English speaking students. Taught in Spanish.

CUIN 3311 Methods and Techniques in Bilingual Education Field-based course that focuses on methods in teaching content areas in Spanish. Taught in Spanish.

CUIN 4303 Second Language Acquisition Principles of second language acquisition and learning.

FALL 2017 CUIN 4361 Second Language Methodology Instruction and assessment of English as a Second Language students.

ENGL 3396 Special Topics: Language Socialization Theories of Language Socialization are essential to understanding how and why first, second, third, etc. language learners come to use language in the ways that they do. In this course we will explore the entire range of what language socialization is and means, and where, when, and how it happens.

FALL 2017 ENGL 4300 Introduction to the Study of Language Overview of linguistics, introducing basic concepts with particular attention to English: sounds, word formation, approaches to grammatical description, history, acquisition, and social and regional variation.

FALL 2017 ENGL 4303 English as a Second Language Theory and techniques of teaching English as a second language to adolescents and adults.

FALL 2017 ENGL 4315 Sociolinguistics Social implications of language; linguistic insight into social stratification.

FALL 2017 ENGL 4322 Grammar and Usage Parts of speech, sentence elements, and doctrines of correctness.

ENGL 4391 Senior Advanced Community Engagement The topic of this seminar is identity, language, and literacy. Students will explore linguistic and cultural diversity within the English language and language users in Houston. We will discuss about English dialects/varieties, multilingualism, and controversial issues surrounding linguistic diversity and language ideology. Apart from reading texts and seminal research, students are guided to explore language diversity and culture through authentic practices and projects in Houston by employing qualitative research methods such as interview and observation.

PHIL 3332 Philosophy of Language Introduction to the philosophy of language. This is a large area that encompasses many topics, including meaning, truth, the relationship between logic and language, and the distinctions between syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.

FALL 2017 PHIL 3395 Philosophy of Cognitive Science

PSYC 4397 The Bilingual Brain

FALL 2017 SPAN 3305 Spanish Grammar Review Review of the fundamental grammatical structures with an emphasis on those aspects of the language which are problematic for students.

FALL 2017 SPAN 3306 Introduction to the Study of Spanish Language (online) Basic concepts of Spanish linguistics.

SPAN 4357 Spanish Phonetics Description of Spanish sounds, phonetic transcription, comparative analysis of Spanish and English sounds, improvement of Spanish pronunciation.

SPAN 4365 Spanish-English Contrastive Structures Applied Linguistics in Spanish; second-language learning problems; contrastive analysis of Spanish and English.

SPAN 4366 History of the Spanish Language History of Spanish from Latin to Modern Spanish; development of the sound, grammatical, and lexical systems of the language.

FALL 2017 SPAN 4367 U.S. Hispanics and Language A sociolinguistic approach to the Spanish spoken in the U.S. in its contact situation with English.

SPAN 4374 Teaching Spanish to Heritage Language Learners Heritage language education with an emphasis on teaching Spanish to the English/Spanish bilingual student of Hispanic heritage.

FALL 2017 WCL 1101 Introduction to the Study of Languages (online) Introduction to linguistic features, concepts, and theories relevant to foreign language learners.


See the graduate course catalog for information on credit hours and prerequisites.

CHNS 6371 Teaching Chinese as a 2nd Language (online) Discussions and interactive activities about principles of teaching a foreign language.  Hands-on opportunities to design a Chinese language course, a lesson plan, and instructional implementation in an interactive classroom.  Taught in English.

CHNS 6372 Studies of Chinese Language Acquisition This course focuses on Chinese language acquisition by English-speaking students in formal instructional settings. Readings include studies that investigate processes of acquiring Chinese as a second or a foreign language. Taught in English. The same course title may be co-offered at the 4000 level but students enrolled in this course are required for more substantial readings and to submit a lengthier research paper.

CHNS 6373 Chinese Second Language Curriculum Design and Instruction The course teaches students how to demonstrate knowledge on foreign language instruction in general and Chinese language teaching specifically, and how to understand theoretical issues in curriculum design and development. It draws upon a constructivist position on learning, teaching theories such as "Backward Design", research on second language acquisition, teacher education research, and the "Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century" from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

FALL 2017 CHNS 6397 Models in Language Acquisition and Instruction This course is a venue where second language theories, research, and classroom practice converge. It has two goals: to help students gain understanding of second language acquisition theories and models, and to bridge theories to classroom practice.

FALL 2017 COSC 7336 Advanced Natural Language Processing Extraction and analysis of information from text data with applications to security and biomedicine. Topics include part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition, word-sense disambiguation, collocations, coreference analysis, summarization and question answering.

ENGL 6330 General Linguistics: Intro to Applied Linguistics Fundamental concepts of linguistic description: phonology, morphology, and syntax.

ENGL 6397 Language Policy In this course, we will explore how ethnography can provide locally nuanced and politically informative assessments of language and education policy needs in the complicated in- and out-of-school contexts of current globalization.

ENGL 7344 Discourse Analysis Analysis of the relationship between structure and meaning in extended units of oral and written discourse.

ENGL 8316 Documenting Community Culture A term-long fieldwork and research project emphasizing the methods and principles of community ethnography and recording folklore.

ENGL 8386 Language in Postcoloniality and Globalization

ENGL 8388 Topics in Literary Translation: Polyglossic Writers, Multilingual Meanings This course brings together texts that traffic in languages, texts that deform language, and texts that make language the very subject of the work. The vulnerabilities of bilingualism and the excitement of linguistic transgression will be explored, as will the legacies of imperial language, the grammars of racism, and the gendering of idioms. 

PSYC 6397 The Bilingual Brain

FALL 2017 PSYC 6397 Selected Topics in Psychology: Language and Thought The nature of the relationship between language and thought has long been subject of study by philosophers, psychologists, linguists, and cognitive scientists. In this seminar we will attempt to examine the interactions between language and cognition from an interdisciplinary perspective and with a special emphasis on mechanism.

PSYC 6397 Selected Topics in Psychology: Emergence of Intelligence

FALL 2017 PSYC 8330 Cognitive Neuroscience Examination of the neurological basis of cognition. Material is drawn from research in psychology, clinical neurology, and the neurosciences. Topics covered include memory, language, perception and attention.

SPAN 6308 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics An introduction to the field of Spanish linguistics.

SPAN 6330 Language Variation and Change Linguistic and social phenomena that motivate variation and change in Spanish.

SPAN 6331 Historical Grammar

SPAN 6354 Spanish Phonetics and Phonetic Variation Articulatory descriptions of sounds, phonetic transcription of Spanish, phonetic theory as it relates to language variation and change.

SPAN 6355 Spanish Phonology Sound system and prosodic features of modern Spanish; phonological theories and their application to Spanish.

FALL 2017 SPAN 6358 Spanish Sociolinguistics Sociolinguistic principles and patterns as illustrated in Spanish.

SPAN 6389 Methods of Teaching Spanish to Heritage Learners (online) Heritage language education with an emphasis on teaching Spanish to the English/Spanish bilingual students of Hispanic heritage.

SPAN 6390 Research in Heritage Language Education An introduction to the field of heritage language research with a focus on Spanish as a heritage language in the United States.

FALL 2017 SPAN 6395 - Selected Topics in Spanish Language and Linguistics: Experimental Phonetics Varied topics dealing with Spanish language, dialects, and linguistic theory.

SPAN 7393 Research in Second Language Acquisition

SPAN 7393 Language Testing

SPAN 7393 Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in Linguistics

SPAN 7393 U.S. Spanish: Sociolinguistic Aspects