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HHP Doctoral Student Bridgette Rooney Featured by NASA

HHP doctoral student and NASA intern Ms. Bridgette Rooney was recently featured on NASA's website in an article titled, "Bridgette Rooney: The Military, Medicine, and Microbiology". The article profiled Bridgette's journey from the military to medicine to studying exercise immunology at HHP's Laboratory of Integrated Physiology under the guidance of Dr. Richard Simpson.

Bridgette Rooney
Ms. Bridgette Rooney

Below is a excerpt from the article:

Bridgette’s work in the microbiology/virology lab concentrates on investigating the mechanisms responsible for the reactivation of cytomegalovirus, or CMV, in simulated microgravity.

Specifically, Bridgette infects myeloid progenitor cells with a clinical strain of CMV. Then, she observes the behavior of these infected cells in microgravity and characterizes the cellular and genetic mechanisms responsible for viral reactivation under those conditions.

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