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Transfer Out

To transfer to another school or program, students must continually maintain F-1 status and abide by the transfer procedures. F-1 students are required to attend classes until the transfer release date.

Transfer After Completing A Semester

In order to maintain F-1 status, you must begin classes at the new school in the next available session or within 5 months of your last day of attendance in the LCC, whichever comes sooner. In other words, if the new school's next available session is summer, you will have to to study in the summer in order to lawfully remain in the United States.

To transfer out, please email both documents below to

  • a letter of acceptance issued by the new school. The letter must indicate the program start date. 
  • a F-1 record transfer form from the new school

Transfer Deadline

  • Levels 1-5 students completing a semester: the LCC Student Check-In day of the following semester
  • Level 6 graduates: 60 days within the LCC Graduation Ceremony

Transfer During A Semester

Meet the Director of Student Services immediately. Do not stop attending LCC classes until classes at your new school begin. Otherwise, your SEVIS record will be terminated and you will be out of status. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a new student. I have arrived in the United States, but I want to transfer before beginning classes in the LCC? What should I do?

    Inform the LCC that you have arrived in the United States and that you want to transfer immediately. Email all items below to the LCC at

    • your acceptance letter issued by the new school. The letter must indicate the program start date. You must enroll in a full course of study within 30 days of your arrival in the United States.
    • F-1 record transfer form from the new school
    • Form I-20 issued by the LCC, signed by you on page 1
    • your F-1 visa
    • your Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record
    • your home address and phone number in the United States
  • When will I receive a Form I-20 from the new school?

    Generally, the Director of Student Services designates the date of the LCC Graduation day as a transfer release date. Once the date arrives, a designated school official (DSO) at your new school may start issuing a Form I-20 for you. Contact a DSO at your new school about the Form I-20.

  • What if I plan to travel outside the United States before beginning classes at the new school?

    Contact a DSO at the new school and make arrangements for receiving a Form I-20 before you re-entering the United States.