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Student Health Center

The Student Health Center offers affordable primary medical and mental health care. Pharmacy services are available. Visit the Center's website for hours. Call the Center at (713) 743-5151 to schedule an appointment.

  • What do I need to bring to seek healthcare?

    • Health insurance ID card. Carry it at all times. At the UH Student Health Center, you may present your Cougar Card in lieu of your health insurance ID card.
    • Government-issued photo ID, such as driver license and passport. At the UH Student Health Center, you may present your Cougar Card in lieu of your ID.
    • Cash and credit card
  • What insurance does the Student Health Center accept?

    The Student Health Center only accepts the University of Houston System (UHS) Student Health Insurance Plan. The out-of-pocket cost will be greatly reduced for students covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan. If you don’t have coverage by the UHS Student Health Insurance Plan, you may still seek care at the Student Health Center and pay out of pocket.
  • The Student Health Center is closed. Where should I go?

    Visit the, click Find A Doctor of Hospital, then click Places:

    • Primary Care Clinic: facilities staffed with doctors who can provide primary care for outpatients
    • Convenience Clinic: for simple problems
    • Urgent Care Clinic: when you can’t wait for an appointment from a Primary Care Clinic
    • Hospitals: medical and surgical care, emergency room, and more
  • I am having a medical emergency. What should I do?

    Call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.