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Students have the right to voice their concerns about policies, procedures, conditions, or any other issues that have a negative effect on their studies, learning environment, or ability to function effectively within the academic community. First, you may make an informal complaint. If you are unable to resolve your complaint informally, you may file a formal complaint.

Informal Complaint

You may be counseled to talk with your teachers. They may be able to help you solve the concern or may advise you to make an appointment with the Academic Director. In some cases, you may wish to talk with the Academic Director without consulting a teacher.

Alternatively, you may be counseled to talk with the Academic Director. The Academic Director may be able to help you resolve the concern through informal channels. All parties involved may be called into the Academic Director’s office for consultation. If the concern cannot be solved in this manner, you will be advised of the right to file a formal complaint. 

Formal Complaint

  1. You must follow the informal complaint process described first before filing a formal complaint.
  2. You complete and sign a Formal Statement of Complaint Form. If your formal complaint is about another person, for example, your teacher or another student, please be advised that the person you name has the right to see the complaint and respond to it.
  3. The Form is received by the Academic Director. The Academic Director will meet with the Director to discuss the issues and a possible resolution to your concern.
  4. The Academic Director meets with you and advises you of the steps being taken to resolve the concen.
  5. The Formal Statement of Complaint and notes regarding its resolution are filed in the Director's office. Upon successful resolution of the complaint, the file becomes a matter of record.