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Year of Impact 2020 In the Rear View

Despite a year that made “unprecedented” an overused word and the “new normal” not normal at all, the BTI Institute conducted research and developed education that continued to enhance our nation’s ability to secure our borders, facilitate legitimate trade and travel, and ensure the integrity of our immigration system.

We applaud our leadership, researchers, and staff who, in between setting up home offices and home schoolhouses, continued to deliver exceptional data-driven research and resources with little to no delay.

The team at BTI also gives thanks to the Department of Homeland Security personnel for their tireless efforts to secure our nation and safeguard our economic prosperity. We specifically thank the champions of our research projects and contributing stakeholders for their efforts in ensuring the research we oversee is valuable to the Homeland Security Enterprise.

Research with Purpose

Kicked Off 

In collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans, the Institute kicked off four projects focused on prosperity and security in Central America. The projects covered economic motivations, regional policy limitations, the role that alternative nations could play in migration, and the impact of the narrative used to develop policy. Collaborative research partners include the National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE), the Migration Policy Institute, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), and Oklahoma State University.

To enhance our nation’s ability to facilitate legitimate trade and travel, the Institute kicked off five projects in collaboration with multiple components within US Customs and Border Protection (including the Office of Field Operations, Office of Trade, and US Border Patrol) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Collaborative partners include the University of Houston, CTStrategies, the Hunt Institute, and Texas A&M Transportation Institute.


Five research projects concluded and final deliverables were transitioned to various DHS components, including CBP Office of Trade and DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office. Collaborative research partners include the Migration Policy Institute, ANSER, Lantern UAS, and the University of Houston.


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Education for the Homeland Security Enterprise

students at the port of the future The Institute's curriculum development initiative produced seven new courses developed from the ground up with 37 students piloting three courses and three CBP employees beginning the online course work towards certification. 




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