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External Advisory Board

The Borders, Trade, and Immigration (BTI) Institute’s External Advisory Board consists of approximately eight to ten public leaders with significant expertise in border and coastal security, immigration, and trade issues. 

External Advisory Board members are selected for their knowledge in relevant domains; access to world-class networks; and sterling professional reputations to enhance the BTI Institute’s image and build its foundation for future success.

The BTI Institute’s External Advisory Board serves to assist BTI Institute leaders in planning, research, technology, and market development.  Its members work to:

  • Provide strategic direction and advice to the Director;
  • Actively assist the BTI Institute in achieving its goals;
  • Provide links between the BTI Institute and its strategic and operational environment;
  • Act as a sounding board to BTI Institute leadership in regards to its future development; and
  • Enhance the visibility of the Institute nation-wide

The BTI Institute’s External Advisory Board is led by the Honorable David Aguilar.  Members’ photos and biographies are found below: