Enhanced Global Food Station Now Serving in Cougar Woods Dining Commons

Enhanced Global Food Station Now Serving in Cougar Woods Dining CommonsEnhanced Global Food Station Now Serving in Cougar Woods Dining Commons

Food tells a story.

In Cougar Woods Dining Commons, that statement will take on an added meaning as the University of Houston’s Dining Services and the Institute for Global Engagement have partnered to enhance the dining hall’s global station.

The partnership will see a branded station, hosted by IGE, which will include cultural information related to the food being served and information on IGE’s primary programs, including learning abroad, the Passport for Coogs program, and the Global Citizens Credential.

“We’ll have a set of six different slides every two weeks that feature different global offices and departments on campus so that there’s exposure to the different supports that students have in place to go global, to global facts, and highlighting cultural and global events happening on our campus and in the Houston community,” said IGE Director Maggie Mahoney.

Aside from digital signage, the station will have QR codes that will take students to relevant links tied to the cuisine in the station.

The Cougar Woods Dining Commons global station always served authentic international food inspired by locations worldwide, but now, it will be enhanced.

“What was once an authentic flavorful station is now an authentic flavorful station with educational pieces,” said UH Dining Services and Chartwells District Marketing Manager Alexcis Mendoza.

The IGE global station stands out from the rest at Cougar Woods Dining Commons due to its branding and informative digital signage. UH Dining Services and IGE hope that besides the information signage, the delicious food will pique students’ interest to learn more about it.

Mendoza and her team were all in when the proposal for the partnership first came about. For UH Dining Services, the global station is an extension of its popular Cultural Event series.

“We’ve seen how students’ minds and hearts can open up to different cultures through food,” said Mendoza. “Why not take advantage of this partnership? Why not enhance something that’s already a great avenue for learning.”

IGE Founding Executive Director Michael Pelletier, a former U.S. Ambassador, knows all too well how food can play a critical role in educating someone on different cultures.

“When you talk to students or faculty, or anybody that’s had a learning abroad experience, or who’s traveled overseas, almost 100 percent of the time when you ask them about their first impressions, or what stuck out to them, they’ll mention the food,” said Pelletier. “Food is just so essential. So, I think it’s a natural link for everybody when you’re talking about being globally engaged.”