Parking and Transporation Spring 2023 Town Hall Recap

parking garage

Parking and Transportation held their Spring 2023 Town Hall in March to address frequently asked questions and provide updates on upcoming university projects that could affect the campus community.

Richard Zagrzecki, Department Outreach Manager, led the town hall and kicked it off with a ‘What We Do’ segment explaining to the campus community what Parking and Transportation do.

The town hall also shared information on how the department is funded. Due to Parking and Transportation being an auxiliary service, Parking and Transportation Services is self-funded via parking permits, visitor parking, and event parking.

Zagrzecki also provided an update on how the campus community has transitioned to virtual permits.

“For the most part, the campus community has adjusted well to it,” said Zagrzecki. “But there are two things that we need to continually emphasize so that people understand and are aware of how it operates.”

The two issues are ensuring that vehicles are parked with the license plate facing the driving lane and that it is displayed on the manufacturer’s specifications. License plates on the windshield and dashboard are not acceptable.

Ensuring that vehicles meet these requirements helps to make the process more efficient, reduce manpower needed for enforcement activities, and helps Parking and Transportation manage their expenses for these services.

The second issue concerns permit holders with more than one vehicle on their account. Virtual permit holders should verify that the vehicle they brought to campus on a given day is the active vehicle on their parking permit. Permit holders can change the active vehicle on their myParking account.

Neil Hart, Assistant Vice President of Parking and Transportation, shared how lot 12B, next to TDECU Stadium, will be unavailable as the university builds a new athletic building somewhere on the site.

“We’re still in discussions on how much of the lot will come back, if at all,” said Hart. “So, this lot will be taken, out of inventory for Zone F.”

Additional impact to parking will be felt in the fall when the university officially starts its participation in the Big 12. The department is expecting larger crowds than what the department and campus are used to.

Watch the full town hall on YouTube and if you have any parking and transportation related questions call 832-842-1097, or email