UH Dining’s Alexcis Mendoza Wins Chartwells President’s Circle Award


University of Houston Dining Services and Chartwells District Marketing Manager Alexcis Mendoza has been awarded the Chartwells President’s Circle Award. 

The award is given to a Chartwells team member for their contributions to “Living the Brand” and going above and beyond to support their specific accounts and other accounts across the nation. 

Chartwells cited Mendoza’s efforts during the company’s Path Forward Calls, a round of calls with Chartwells clients across the nation and internationally, as one of the reasons they garnered her the award.  

“To be recognized for my contributions to living a brand that is not only industry-leading but embodies diversity, inclusion, innovation, and a hunger to evolve is a true privilege,” said Mendoza. “I could not be more uplifted by both my Chartwells and UH Dining team.” 

Chartwells also commended Mendoza for her strong relationship with clients, specifically with UH, as a reason Mendoza was worthy of the award. 

Alexcis1.JPG“If anyone knows how to ‘Live the Brand,’ it is Alexcis,” said Auxiliary Services Executive Director Deborah Huebler. 

“She is continually promoting and raising awareness not only for our food service program but also for all the wonderful events and initiatives that are held on our campus to engage our students and other customers, and we are truly fortunate and grateful to have her as part of our UH family.” 

“Seeing Alexcis’ growth from that initial internship to a District Marketing Manager, overseeing the University of Houston System as well as supporting the Chartwells organization with stretch projects and best practices, is a true inspiration for all our junior leaders within the organization,” said UH Dining and Chartwells Vice President of Operations, Charles Pereira. 

“Living the brand is exactly what she does every day.”