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Awards and Scholarships

WGRC Awards

Now Accepting Applications for the Women and Gender Resource Center Awards! These five awards each include a $1000 (pre-tax) prize and recognition at a spring awards ceremony. The deadline for applications is April 28, 2017 at 5pm. The awards (with links to the application form with full details) are:

* The Distinguished Faculty Scholar Awards (3 total, one in each category: pre-tenure, post-tenure and clinical/instructional faculty member). The pre-tenure and post-tenure awards recognize faculty members who have amassed a solid record of scholarly activity that is making an impact in their respective discipline. The clinical/instructional award recognizes contributions to teaching, research and service, including service to women. Award recipients from the last three years are: JeAnna Abbott, Therese Kosten and Susan Kellogg in the Post-tenure category; Daphne Hernandez, Jacinta Conrad and Cecilia Williams in the Pre-tenure category; and Amber Gaume Giannoni, Janet Beck and Lisa Alastuey in the Clinical/instructional category;

* The Distinguished Service to Women Award for Staff and the Distinguished Service to Women Award for a Student are given in recognition of commitments and contributions in the advancement and support of women. Award recipients from the last three years are: Ayanna McCloud, Martha Hayes and Lisa Robertson in the Staff category; and Celestina Billington, Praveena Lakshmanan and Phoenicia Fares in the Student category.


Beverly McPhail & Kevin Kulish WGRC Student Scholarship
This scholarship award will recognize one full-time, undergraduate student who demonstrates an interest in gender studies and a commitment to gender advocacy. The amount of the award is $1000. Detailed information, requirements, and the application can be found here.