Sexual Assault Awareness Month - University of Houston
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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 2017

Did You Know?

Sexual misconduct is a broad range of behavior that includes but is not limited to sexual harassment, sexual assault, non-consensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence (domestic and dating violence), and stalking.

Education, Awareness and Prevention Tips

Sexual Assault Education

  • Believe that you can end sexual assault through education
  • Always obtain consent before any sexual activity.
  • Be supportive to both involved.

Sexual Assault Awareness

  • Be aware that sexual assault can happen to anyone.
  • Believe that you can make a difference.
  • Take the Bystander Intervention Pledge - Cougars Care.

Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Trust your instincts.
  • Make sure that you always have a ride home.
  • Stay in a group or buddy up when going out or walking at night.
  • When and if you drink, get your own drink.

Learn more about Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

  • 2%The percentage of University of Houston male students that were involved in a relationship where sexual abuse occurred.
  • 55%The percentage of rape or sexual assault victimizations that occurred at or near the victims homes.
  • 6%The percentage of University of Houston female students that were sexually touched without their consent.
  • 54%The percentage of college students who use their wellness programs for assistance education and information.