Page Structure

A detailed overview of the regions above and below the content on a web page

Global regions

All University of Houston web pages have two "top-level" or global regions with content that applies to the University of Houston as a whole and must appear unaltered on every page of all UH websites. These two global regions are the top-bar navigation and the footer. The global regions are meant aid navigation and provide helpful links and functions to visitors no matter which University of Houston website they are on.

Top-bar navigation

screenshot of the top bar navigation

The top-bar navigation refers to the dark grey region across the top of all University of Houston web pages. The top-bar navigation contains links to audience gateway pages and the search tool. These links are not meant to be specific to the college or department website they are on, but rather be specific to the University of Houston as a whole. Likewise, the search tool should search the entire University of Houston directory as well as all University of Houston web pages, not just web pages related to the specific website a visitor is on.


screenshot of the footer

The footer, like the top-bar navigation, is meant to provide helpful links to visitors no matter which University of Houston web page they are on. "Quick Links" are selected based on the most common search terms. "More UH" links are important and commonly used links that may not be associated with popular search terms. "Legal Info" links are required by university policy or state law. The social media icons link to the primary accounts owned and operated by UH Marketing & Communication.

Main website elements

The University of Houston main site elements belong to UH Marketing & Communication and should only be used on the main University of Houston website. For college, department, and other sub-sites, refer to the next section on unit site elements.


screenshot of the main website's header

The header is the area between the dark gray top-bar navigation and the primary navigation bar. The header contains the University of Houston logotype.

Primary navigation

screenshot of the main website's primary navigation bar

The main website's primary navigation contains the links to the main sections of the University of Houston website. The navigation bar should be University of Houston red. Only the main website styles the primary navigation bar in red.

Unit website elements

The purpose of defining unit website elements is to help differentiate unit websites from the main University of Houston website and reduce confusion in visitors.


screenshot of a unit website's header

The header of unit websites should contain the University of Houston logotype followed by the name of the unit. This logo is usually the tertiary version of the unit's logotype. If you don't already have this logo for your website, do not attempt to re-create it. Please request a header logo for new websites from the Web Team.

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