Web Style Guide

Requirements for web pages on the University of Houston website.

Important! This is an initial draft of the Web Style Guide.


The University of Houston website is one of the most important and effective communications tools for interaction with the university's audiences and stakeholders. The web style guide is a tool to help unit websites present and communicate the University of Houston brand.


The purpose of the style guide is to establish a common look and feel to ensure consistent branding and to fulfill the following goals:

  • To promote a unified, cohesive online presence by addressing issues such as look and feel, color palette, font choices and navigational conventions
  • To improve ease of use through navigation by providing a consistent and intuitive method of navigation that allows users more easily to navigate between and within UH web sites
  • To help online visitors who seek general information by ensuring that they can access commonly used resources at any time during their online experience
  • To help units develop web pages more efficiently by providing them with a convenient structure to be used for their specific needs


The University of Houston style guide is divided into five parts:

  1. Global Specifications
  2. Page Structure
  3. Navigational Elements
  4. Layout Options
  5. Graphic Elements

For other questions about the UH brand that are not related to the UH website, please read the University of Houston Graphic Standards Manual.

Need help?

Send your questions to webteam@uh.edu.

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