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Contract Agreement Forms

Bilateral Confidentiality Agreement 06/27/2013
Child Support Certification (used only for contracts that involve State funding) 06/27/2013
Consortium Agreement Template 01/14/2014
End-User License Agreement 06/27/2013
new Equipment Loan Agreement 09/11/2014
Interagency Cooperation Contract 04/25/2013
Interagency Cooperation Contract for use between UH and another State of Texas agency 06/27/2013
Interlocal Cooperation Contract (for use between UH and a Local Government Body) 06/27/2013
Justification for Untimely Contract Submittal 04/25/2013
Letter Agreement for Transfer of Non-Proprietary Biological Material 06/27/2013
Letter Agreement for Transfer of Non-Proprietary Chemical Material 06/27/2013
Letter of Agreement for a joint collaborative research study between UH & another Research Institute 06/27/2013
Letter of Intent Agreement to Negotiate in Good Faith 06/27/2013
Material Transfer Agreement - Animal 04/25/2013
Material Transfer Agreement - Chemical 06/27/2013
Recommendation for Award Form 04/25/2013
Software License and Distribution Agreement 06/27/2013
Speaker Agreement  06/27/2013
Sponsored Project Contract Cover Sheet 07/01/2014
Sponsored Project Contractual Agreement 06/27/2013
Sponsored Project Contractual Agreement Amendment 06/27/2013
Sponsored Research Agreement 06/27/2013
STTR Allocation of Intellectual Property Rights 06/27/2013
Teaming Agreement 06/27/2013
See also Sponsored Projects: Contracts.