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UH System Seal"Welcome to the University of Houston. As a Tier One public research institution and one of the country’s most diverse universities, UH takes pride in providing the talented workforce, innovative leaders, problem solvers and visionaries necessary for a progressive and rewarding community.  Founded in 1927, UH is proud of its deep local roots and prouder still that we have grown into a nationally competitive university where energy, health care and the arts flourish, and our 40,000 students develop the skills and intelligence required for  success in an increasingly global environment."

-- President Renu Khator

Latest from the President

“Success is not about what we try to do, but what gets done. Are students succeeding and graduating? One-year retention — from freshman to sophomore — is now at a point where we are nationally competitive. We have surpassed the average of national universities as recognized by U.S. News & World Report and are closer to catching up with the average of Tier One public universities. We, of course, still lag behind in our graduation rate, but it is a matter of time. Even if nothing else were to change, the UHin4 program — the fixed 4-year tuition and completion plan — alone will move the graduation rate above the national average. This is the power of one program. Imagine the combined effect of everything that we have initiated on campus! …We are founded on the promise of making education accessible to the average working class man and woman. With our efforts, we are proving each and every day that diversity and excellence are not mutually exclusive. They can be and must be one and the same….”

Excerpt from 2014 Fall Address

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