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Internet Explorer

  • How to always check for newer versions of web pages
  • Internet Explorer>>>Tools>>>Internet options>>>General tab>>>Browsing history>>>Settings>>>Check for newer versions of stored pages, Tic, Everytime I visit the web page

Microsoft Word

  • I want to convert a word 2007 document to a word 2003 document

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  • I want to convert a word 2007 document to a pdf in WORD 2007

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  • I don't have a print button in my WORD 2007

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  • I cannot print a document when i click on the "Quick Print" button in my WORD 2007
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  • I want to protect my Word 2007 document with a password

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  • How to Change Default Font and Spacing in Word 2007

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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Powerpoint

  • I want to embedd some of my excel stuff in the powerpoint slides

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  • I want to play a DVD from the powerpoint slides

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  • I want to add a Table to the powerpoint slides

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  • I want to add a video to the powerpoint slides

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  • I want to insert a 3D pie Chart in the powerpoint slides

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Microsoft Outlook

  • My Outlook is running very Slow

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  • My Outlook is frozen

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  • My Outlook keeps complaining "MAILBOX IS FULL"
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  • How do I enable Auto archiving Feature in Outlook 2007
    • On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Other tab.
    • Click AutoArchive.
    • Click to select the AutoArchive Every check box, and then specify how frequently the AutoArchive process will run by typing a number in the days box.
    • If you want to be notified before the items are archived, click to select the Prompt Before AutoArchive check box. In the Default archive file box, type a file name for the archived items to be transferred to, or click Browse to select from a list.
    • Click OK two times.

  • How do I schedule a meeting on my Outlook calender?

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Microsoft SharePoint

  • How do I avoid repeated SharePoint user login prompts?
  1. Go to SharePoint site:
  2. Click Cancel when login window prompts for User name and Password 
  3. From the Internet Explorer Tools menu choose Internet Options.  
  4. Click the Security tab.  
  5. Click Local Intranet. Click the Sites button.  
  6. Click the Advanced button.
  7. Confirm that  is in the Add this website to the zone box. 
  8. Click the Add button. The address should appear in the Websites list. 
  9. Check the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone check box. 
  10. Click the Close button.  
  11. Click OK. Click OK.  
  12. Exit Internet Explorer.  
  13. Re-open Internet Explorer and go to your SharePoint site.

  • How to create personal views of list or library
  • SOLUTION >>>

  • Where can I get more information about SharePoint?
  • There is documentation available for End-User and Site Collection AdministratorInstructor-led training classes and training videos are also available.

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