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Shuhab D. Khan

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Shuhab D. Khan

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Geology Graduate Advisor
Professor of Geology (Tectonics, Remote Sensing, GIS)

Ph.D. Geosciences, University of Texas, Dallas (2001)

Office: 234 SR1
Office Hours: M/W | 8:30a - 4:30p or T/TH/F | 8:30a - 5:00p
Phone: (713) 743-5404

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Research Interests

Shuhab Khan is a broadly trained geoscientist who uses quantitative remote sensing and geophysical tools for tectonic studies. His research involves field observations, geomorphic and structural measurements, application of LiDAR, satellite radar interferometry (InSAR), GPS and geochemistry to a wide variety of Earth Science problems.

Specialty, Tectonics, Remote Sensing, GIS

Selected Publications

*(Khan’s students)

  • Ahmad, I., Khan, S. D., Lapen, T., Burke, K., and Jehan, N., 2013. Isotopic ages for alkaline igneous rocks, including a 26 Ma ignimbrite, from the Peshawar plain of northern Pakistan and their tectonic implications. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, in press,
  • *Ul-Hadi, S., Khan, S. D., Owen, L. A., Khan, A. S. 2013. Geomorphic response to an active transpressive regime: a case study along the Chaman strike-slip fault, Western Pakistan. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms; In press, DOI: 10.1002/esp.3272.
  • Khan, S. D., Chen, L., Ahmad, S., Ahmad, I., Ali, F. 2012. Lateral Structural Variation along the Kalabagh Fault Zone, NW Himalayan Foreland Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Pakistan. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 50, 79-87
  • *Petrovic, A., Khan, S. D., Thurmond, A. K. 2012. Reflectance Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral  Remote Sensing Investigations of Hydrocarbon-Induced Surficial Rock Alterations in Wingate Sandstone, Lisbon Valley, Utah, Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology, 35, 292-308.
  • *Ozyavas, A., Khan, S. D., 2012. Role of Submarine Mud Volcanoes on the Caspian Sea level Change. Journal of Environmental Earth Sciences, 65, 1821-1830.
  • Sagintayev, Z., Sultan, M., Khan S. D., Khan. S. A., Mahmood, K., Yan, E., Milewski, A., Marsala, P. 2012. A Remote Sensing Contribution to Hydrologic Modeling in Arid and Inaccessible Watersheds, Pishin Lora Basin, Pakistan. Hydrological Processes, 26, 85-99.
  • *Mukherjee, D., Khan, S. D., Sullivan, C. 2012. Upper Albian rudist buildups of the Edwards Formation in central Texas: A GPR-assisted reservoir analog study. Sedimentary Geology; 247–248 71–81.
  • Shah, M. T., Alizai, A. H., Khan, S. D., 2012. Environmental Geochemistry of Surface and Subsurface Water from Dera Ismail Khan Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. J. Chem. Soc. Pak., 34 (1), 243-250.
  • *Xiong, Y., Khan, S. D., Mahmood, K., and Sisson, J. 2011. Lithological mapping of Bela Ophiolite with remote sensing data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 32(16), 4641–4658.
  • Khan, S. D., Mahmood, K., Sultan, M. I., Khan, A. S., Xiong, Y., Sagintayev, Z. 2010. Trace element geochemistry of groundwater from Quetta Valley, western Pakistan. Journal of Environmental Earth Sciences, 60, 573-582.
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  • *Mukherjee, D., Heggy, H., Khan, S. D. 2010. Geoelectrical constraints on radar probing of shallow water-saturated zones within karstified carbonates in semi-arid environments. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 70, 181-191.
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  • *Sarmiento, S., Khan, S.D., 2010. Spatial-Temporal Variability of Great Slave Lake Levels from Satellite Altimetry. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 7(3), 426-429.
  • Stewart, R., Khan, S. D., Hall, S., Liner, C., Wong, J., 2010. Geophysics field education: Better learning by doing. The Leading Edge, 29(5), 546-550.
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  • Strasen, J. L., Chafetz, H. S., Khan. S. D. 2009. Discrete lithofacies discrimination of Jurassic rocks using Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) Data, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, USA. Sedimentology, 56 (5), 1535-1551.
  • Khan, S. D., Walker, D. J., Hall, S., Burke, K., Shah, M. T., and Stockli, L. 2009. Did Kohistan-Ladakh island arc collide first with India? Geological Society of America Bulletin, 121 (3/4), 366-384.
  • Khan, S. D., Mahmood, K. 2008. The application of remote sensing techniques to the study of ophiolites, Earth-Science Reviews, 89, 135-143.
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