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UH Marketing, Communication Leader Earns Expanded Role

- Richie C. Hunter, UH vice president of marketing, communication and media relations, now holds the additional title of UH System vice chancellor. During its recent meeting, the UHS Board of Regents voted to expand Hunter’s responsibilities to the System universities and branch campuses.
Mike Emery

UH Experts Available to Discuss President's Executive Order on Immigration

- President Barack Obama is preparing to announce an executive action regarding U.S. immigration policies. UH faculty experts are available to discuss issues surrounding immigration reform and president’s strategy.
Mike Emery

UH Establishes Cougar Experience Scholarship for Freshmen

- Embracing University of Houston President Renu Khator’s commitment to student success, State Sen. John Whitmire has made the first donation to a new Cougar Experience Scholarship, a $4,000 award for freshmen students who choose to live on campus.

UH Cancer Study Receives $1.5 Million Grant from NIH

- After earning her medical degree in China, Qian Lu, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Houston, felt she could help patients more by treating the mind as well as the body. She then decided to pursue a doctorate in psychology in the U.S.
Melissa Carroll

Radiation Monitors Tested on Space Station to Fly on Orion

- Radiation detectors developed by a team from the UH physics department and their NASA colleagues will be flying on the first test flight of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft.
Lisa Merkl

House Fly Sex May Reveal One Key to Controlling Them

- The quest of UH professor Richard Meisel to understand how and why males and females differ may one day lead to a more effective means of pest control – namely, the pesky house fly.
Lisa Merkl

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