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media — Media is plural and should be used with a plural verb.

The media are always under scrutiny.

midnight — Do not combine “12 midnight.”

millions, billions — Use figures. Do not hyphenate. Do not drop the word million or billion in the first figure of a range.

There are 1 billion reasons why I love chocolate.

I need $4 million to $8 million.

months — see dates

more than, over More than expresses quantity; over expresses direction or a spatial relationship.

Yes: More than 100 applicants showed up.
Yes: He threw the football over the fence.

No: Over 100 applicants showed up.

multicultural — not multi-cultural

multimedia — not multi-media

music —Do not use quotation marks on descriptive titles for orchestral works.

Bach’s Suite No. 1 for Orchestra

Use quotation marks for nonmusical terms in a title or for works with a special full title.

Beethoven’s “Eroica” Symphony, “Rhapsody in Blue”

myriad — (adj.) Do not combine with “of.”

The myriad conference topics are overwhelming.

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