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Brand Champion Program

Campus Communicators is a group of communication, marketing, design, and development professionals from various UH System colleges, departments, and business units. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month to spread information, discuss university and system initiatives, and contribute to policy making. If you would like to be involved in the group and attend meetings, please contact Vuong Pham .

Attended the 11/19/2014 Meeting:
  • Nicholas Almanza
  • Sidnee Bielamouicz
  • Sarah Borders
  • Jonathan Brooks
  • Shannon Buggs
  • Robert Cremins
  • Eric Dowding
  • Mike emery
  • Esmeralda Fisher
  • Stephen Joblonski
  • Nancy Herren
  • Sarah Hill
  • Brandy Holmes
  • Keidra Gaston
  • Troy Gillaspia
  • David Geee
  • Debbie Janis
  • Marilyn Jones
  • Christine Klocke
  • Chip Lambert
  • Nerissa Lawford
  • Kathy Major
  • George Mattingly
  • Brian Minton
  • Jessica Mize
  • Taylor Nussbaum
  • Ashley Olheiser
  • Alese Pickering
  • Vuong Pham
  • Sonia Ramirez
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Mark Rosanes
  • Amanda Sebesta
  • Enita Torres
  • Brian Waddle
  • Richard Zagrzecki

Meeting Minutes


Brandy Holmes: Good afternoon. Our first presentation today is from Nicholas Almanza, Director of Development and Alumni Communications.

Nicholas Almanza: Today I’m going to talk about our newly formed Donor and Alumni Stewardship and Communications team within University Advancement. The presentation can be found here.

Comment: Your department is not a charge back service, correct?

Nicholas Almanza: Correct, we’re an advancement service. We work with individual colleges regularly and we work with the Marketing, Communications and Media Relations Division to ensure brand compliance. Please note that print jobs do come out of the budgets of the respective office’s we work with.

Comment: We can’t get our own alumni to sign up for our own alumni newsletter. Do people have to opt in to receive UHAA newsletters?

Nicholas Almanza: Yes, they have to opt in and say that they want content from UHAA. Right now our mailing list has 106,000 email addresses.

Comment: How are alumni notified that they have to opt in?

Nicholas Almanza: If you are an alum or recent grad, the UHAA reaches out to ask them to opt in. We are aggressively trying to capture more of the audience.

Brandy Holmes: Thank you Nick. If anyone has any further questions, please contact email him directly.

When we did the survey in July about format changes to the campus communicators meetings, people showed interest in hearing from colleges directly about their marketing successes and today, Shannon Buggs, Director of Communications at CLASS will present.

Shannon Buggs: I’m the Director of Communications for CLASS and today I’m going to talk about the success of our e-newsletter. The presentation can be found here.

Brandy Holmes: Thank you Shannon.

The survey also had special requests to hear from Media Relations, so today Mike Emery, Assistant Director of Media Relations will present.

Mike Emery: Today I’m going to talk about the Media Relations team and what we do to promote UH success stories. The presentation can be found here.

Comment: I just wanted to emphasize that students in videos and photos need to have photo release forms.

Mike Emery: Yes, you need to have a photo release form on file for all students used in photos and videos.

Brandy Holmes: The photo release form can be found in the download zone.

Now for a quick update on the Powerhouse Campaign. The microsite has garnered more than 25,000 page views. We have more than 350,000 social media impressions and engagements. We know that communicators and designers are excited about using the campaign so we’re going to have a Powerhouse Campaign Workshop on Wednesday, December 17th, from 1:30-3:00.

It’s during our usual campus communicator meeting time, so we won’t have a traditional meeting next month. It will be a half hour longer than our usual meeting, because it will be hands-on—not 90 minutes of lecture. Everyone who would like to work in the campaign style is welcome to attend including designers, writers, etc. There will be three breakout groups covering voice and writing, photography and graphic design. Everyone will work in all three groups over the course of the workshop. We’ll also post a 1-pager afterwards in the download zone.

Comment: Are student workers allowed to attend?

Brandy Holmes:  Absolutely. If they are expected to write, design or shoot photos in the Powerhouse campaign style, then they should attend to get some hands-on practice with us and ask questions.

General Announcement: I flew out of Hobby Airport last weekend and I saw the Powerhouse campaign and it looks wonderful.

General Announcement: The Cougar 100 alumni event recently took place and it was extremely successful. December 1st is when the nominations open for the 2015 Cougar 100, so please send potential recipients to the to find out more information on how to nominate someone for the honor.

Brandy Holmes: Thanks for coming. If we don’t see you next month at the Powerhouse campaign workshop, then we’ll see you in January.