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Asthma Research Opposes Current Drug Treatment

While the FDA is reconsidering the use of stimulants to treat asthma, a new study offers evidence that supports a UH professor’s research that an opposite approach to asthma treatment may be in order.

Class Clears Air on Houston’s Asthmatic Spaces

Architects, filmmakers, scientists and poets are part of an innovative class, Asthmatic Spaces: Houston, which takes a new approach to solving air quality issues.

Bacteria Found to Restrict Light

A rare element found in the waste excreted by tiny bacteria has been found to be so effective at limiting high-energy light that it could be used in applications as diverse as eyeglasses and aircraft defense.

Body Image and Postpartum Depression

An unattainable degree of beauty now defines new moms. But that expectation may be unhealthy and dangerous. A recent study examines identity, self-esteem and depression in postpartum women.

Toxins’ Effect on Embryonic Development

Arsenic, lead, mercury, benzene and carbon monoxide pose a danger to humans. Amazingly, the average person is exposed to about 10,000 different chemicals per day. UH takes the lead to assess the effects of toxic chemicals on the developing embryo.

Monitoring Patient’s Health

A team of UH researchers hopes to ease worries and frustrations of caring for loved ones by designing an affordable in-home health-monitoring system that will notify caregivers, via smartphones or PDAs, if the patient needs attention.

Cold Climate … Larger Animals

UH researchers have discovered a possible new solution to a 163-year-old puzzle. Ecological factors can now be added to physiology to explain why animals grow bigger in the cold than their counterparts closer to the equator.

Sports Vision Eye Workout

Professional and amateur athletes need to workout more than their bodies. They need to workout their eyes at UH’s Sports Vision Performance Center at the University Eye Institute.

Exceptional Cougars

Pride at the University of Houston stems from the achievements of the students, faculty, staff and alumni who have made UH home throughout the years. You Are the Pride.

Margaret Cheung
UH professor Margaret Cheung shares her passion for science.

Carl Lewis
Olympian Carl Lewis embodies Cougar pride.

Danny Olivas
UH alum Danny Olivas followed his passion for space to NASA.

Odelia Bongmba
Pharmacology student Odelia Bongmba traveled great distances for an education.

Making an Impact – Turning Skin Cells into Heart Cells
Robert Schwartz’s new technique for reprogramming human skin cells could one day lead to treatments for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and many other diseases.