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Semester Quick-Start Guide


Quick-Start Guide for Students

What is CougarNet and what accounts do I need?

A CougarNet account grants access to AccessUH, UHSecure, computers, and other online applications. You can also learn about other UIT account services, like VPN and email destinations. Find out more about accounts »

Access wireless networks on campus

UIT maintains a campus-wide wireless network. Visit our WiFi page to improve your wireless computing experience on campus, test your WiFi speed, optimize your connection and discover the locations of the fastest WiFi spots. Find out more about WiFi on campus »

What is AccessUH?

AccessUH is your gateway to the University of Houston's information and computing resources. Log into AccessUH with your CougarNet User ID and password and you will get immediate access to other critical systems that you use on a daily basis including myUH, Blackboard, PASS, Parking and many more. Find out more about AccessUH »

Print your classwork

UIT provides two printer kiosks for students in the Technology Commons, the Social Work building and many other sites around campus in the dorms. These kiosks are designed for printing on-the-go from laptops or home computers, where access to a printer would normally be a challenge. Learn more about printer kiosks »

Download Software

It is easier than ever to get software products at low cost or even free! The Microsoft Office Suite is available to all current students to download for free by using your CougarNet account.
Learn more about free/discounted software »

Campus Map

Need help finding your class? You can get to our campus map by using your favorite computing device to find buildings and amenities like libraries, parking, dining and more! Access our campus map »


For your First Day on Campus

Play Video on Youtube

Video: Computer Security Tips

Learn more about safe computing habits with this short video from UIT.

Learn about the IT Support Center

Support Center Video Tour

Learn how to make the most of the Information Technology Support Center in this video tour.

Most people at UH need a CougarNet Account

Learn about CougarNet

CougarNet is the system that governs access to computers, applications and email at UH.