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The Houston Teachers Institute, a collaboration between the University of Houston and Houston area schools, seeks to develop a collegial spirit among teachers at all levels in Houston. Our seminars, offered to Houston area school teachers and led by top University of Houston faculty, cover a broad array of academic topics selected by the teachers themselves. These seminars are designed to rejuvenate our teachers (or Fellows, as they are called) while refreshing their subject matter skills. The vital and concluding experience of these seminars is the curriculum unit, a narrative of some 15-25 pages which will be published by the Institute, presenting the teacher's academic research and original lesson plans for teaching the particular topic to his or her students. Upon completion of the curriculum unit, and after other Institute requirements have been met, all Fellows receive an honorarium of $1000 from the Institute for their participation and efforts.

Held in The Honors College at the University of Houston, seminars meet once a week for 14 weeks in the spring.