Student Life

For Kyle Robinson, campus life at the University of Houston means going to every football, basketball and baseball game he can. For Shannon Quadros, it’s the chance to work out at UH’s “fantastic” new recreation center. To Onyema Agim, campus life means a sense of community and a warm welcome. And for Clarissa Perez, student life at UH revolves around the city of Houston with its theatres, concert venues, pro sporting events and more.

As Jana Sharooni puts it, the University of Houston has “something for everyone.” You can get involved in Greek life, volunteering or leadership. You can join campus organizations ranging from the Bangladesh Student Association to the Finance Association. You can cheer on the Cougars, or join them. You can expand your horizons with thought-provoking lectures, world-class concerts, professional theatrical productions and more campus events. The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services is dedicated to helping students get involved on campus to better develop leadership skills, character, and discipline.

If you choose to live on campus, you’ll join a diverse group of students from around the world learning together in first-rate facilities. Students who commute to UH comprise a large portion of the Cougar community. Commuter Student Services helps provide support services and communication to help facilitate our commuter students' success and connection to UH. And when it’s time to launch your career, our Career Services office will help prepare you for the job market.