Research Clusters

The University of Houston has established six interdisciplinary research clusters designed to enable scholars to better exchange ideas and explore emerging research areas and to work more effectively with industry, other research organizations and the community.

These research clusters are powerful centers of creativity, in which teams of researchers from a wide range of disciplines collaborate across traditional boundaries to bring research knowledge to bear on issues of intellectual, scientific, social, economic, environmental and cultural importance.

University of Houston research clusters include:

Arts & Human Enrichment
Providing an understanding of different cultures and histories of the world and on human enrichment through the arts, media, and literature
Bio-Med Sciences & Engineering
Improving human health through such fields as visual system development and treatment of eye diseases; chronic and infectious diseases; cancer; neurocognitive networks; bio-imaging, bio-materials, bio-molecular design and simulation; and genetics
Community Advancement & Education
Improving well-being within communities through economic development, education and social work and fostering cultural sensitivity and diversity
Complex Systems/Space Exploration
Concentrating on complex systems, such as human development disabilities; complex networks, such as information systems and artificial intelligence; and space exploration
Energy & Natural Resources
Focusing on environmental issues, such as ecology and conservation, through discovery and recovery of fuels and alternative fuels and through particle physics and space radiation
Exploring advanced materials – such as applied electromagnetics, superconducting materials and devices, semiconductors, and advanced oxide films; nano-materials – such as nano-thin films, nano-mechanics, nano-magnetic materials and nano-system manufacturing; and structural materials — such as ceramics, composites, well logging, roads, and subsurface sensing.