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About UHHC

The UH Health Center offers primary care and medical specialty services to UH students. We provide affordable and accessible medical care and pharmacy services. The health center is staffed by Board Certified Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, RNs, LVNs, Medical Assistants, Registered Pharmacists and helpful administrative personnel.

Our staff is ready to provide care for acute and chronic illnesses and minor trauma. The General Medicine clinic functions on a walk in basis for students, faculty and staff. Our specialty clinics in Women's Health, Men's Health, Psychiatry, Dermatology and Orthopedics are on an appointment schedule and only available to currently enrolled UH students.

Your health is important to us. Keeping healthy is an important step you can take toward success as you pursue your studies or career at the University of Houston. Please explore our website to learn more about our Health Center.


Our Mission is to keep you healthy while you achieve your academic goals.