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Purchase Clicker/Subscription


1) New students: You can purchase a Clicker bundle (1 Clicker + 1 year Subscription) at UH Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  It costs $48.55 plus tax, ISBN: 9781934931684. You can use your book loan to buy the Clicker bundle through the bookstore.   

UH Barnes & Noble Bookstore:
Suite 130, University Center, Houston, TX 77204
Phone: 713-748-0923

Note 1: If your instructor allows using mobile devices for the polling, you have the option to purchase a Subscription only ($24.95/year plus tax), ISBN: 9781934931714.

Note 2: If you have already purchased a Clicker, you still need to purchase a Subscription.

New students need to create Turning account and register Clicker/Subscription


2) Current students who used Clicker/Mobile before:  Since you already created the Turning account and registered subscription and clicker, you do not need to do anything except checking there are still 3 green check marks (or 2 check marks for using mobile devices) in your Turning account.  All of information will be moved from one semester to another semester automatically.  If your subscription is expired, you need to purchase another one.

If you still have questions regarding the purchase, you can contact:

UH IT Support Center
Office Location: Cougar Byte, Student Center South Building
Office Visit Hours: 8 am to 8 pm daily (except University holidays)
Phone: 713-743-1411
Email: Clicker@uh.edu