Faculty Design & Instructional Support

Welcome Message from Director, FDIS

Just about everything we do requires a tool of some sort. From brushing teeth in the morning, to communicating, to managing the daily routine. We use some “tool” to accomplish our goal. Technology is a tool. And we need to approach the use of technology just like with every other resource. “Is it necessary?” “Will it make things better if we use it?” “Is it the right tool for the job?” These are all questions that FDIS will help faculty ask to find the best way to accomplish the task at hand.

With changes in technology moving at such a fast pace, it is important not to be drawn into using a software just because you can, or because someone else is using it. FDIS team members work with faculty to explore the challenges faced in providing creative instructional delivery and course management. FDIS team members monitor educational technology trends and then work with our faculty to implement the best technique to accomplish the goal.

– Director, Tammy Hoskings