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Getting Started with TP Cloud

The TurningPoint (TP) Cloud software REQUIRES a Turning Account for all instructors.  The following steps help you to get started with TP Cloud.

  • Create Turning Account and Download TP Cloud Software
    Note:  If have already created a Turning Account in TP5, you do not need to create another one.  But, you still need to connect your Turning account with Blackboard and download TP Cloud software.

  • Log into Turning Point Cloud Software
    You need to use your Turning Account login information when you access the software each time.

  • Setup or Change Receiver Channel
    The default channel of a receiver is 41.  You can change the channel number between 41-82.
  • Create a ResponseWare Session ID
    If you allow students to use their mobile devices (cell phones, laptops, or tablets) as Clickers, you need to setup a session ID for students to join the polling session.
  • Update PowerPoint Polling Slides from TP5 to TP Cloud
    Updating the past PowerPoint slide/polls is very easy because we are still using the same TurningPoint software.  Most of your TP5 slides will work fine with TurningPoint Cloud.  You just login TP Cloud software and open the PowerPoint file as you did in TP5.  Slides and all information should be the same as in the previous version. 
    Note:  If your PowerPoint polling slides have Graph charts,  you will receive a warning message which asks if you want to convert Graph charts to Excel charts. Converting the charts is optional, as Graph charts will continue to work, however newly inserted slides will contain Excel charts by default.
    graphic chart convert to excel chart