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Best Practices

When working with Blackboard, there are many best practices for the instructors to follow and to help the class run smoothly.  Some of best practices in different aspects, such as Internet browsers, video, and tests, file upload, are highlighted below.

The instructor can access more best practices or share your own by joining this "Best Practice Forum."

Highlighted Best Practice

Internet Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for use of Blackboard. All users (either Windows or Apple machines) should install Mozilla Firefox. Other supported browsers include: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer.


When creating tests to administer through Blackboard Learn, the following guidelines may help avoid student submission issues:

  • Do not use Force Completion. This option will submit the exam at the slightest network interruption. It is best to leave this option unchecked and instead use the timer and Auto-Submit options to limit student access to the test.
  • Do not use special characters in the Exam name.
  •  For tests with a large number of questions, avoid randomization as much as possible.
  • Keep question pools under 200 questions.
  • After deploying a test/quiz, take the assessment and make sure it functions as expected.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid making changes to your assessment after deployment.


  • Avoid uploading video directly into your Blackboard Learn course. This can greatly increase the size of your course making it difficult or impossible to back up. Instead, consider uploading videos to YouTube or MyMediasite and linking or embedding to the video in your course.