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From our Associate Vice Chancellor/Associate Vice President

In September 2015, I joined the University of Houston System as Associate Vice Chancellor/Associate Vice President for Facilities. The ensuing months have been an exciting time as I have become acquainted with the University of Houston and the System campuses and the many great people that make us successful.

This is a time of change for the Facilities Department  As many are aware, my position is new and was initiated to bring both the Facilities Services (the operational side of the house) and Facilities Planning and Construction (the construction side of the house) together to increase communication and take advantage of the expertise that we have in both groups. Both of these groups play a key role in enhancing the campus experiences for the community of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

My philosophy is simple. As I have enumerated on several occasions, I expect two things from all of the Facilities Team members, RESPECT and INTEGRITY. Those that operate within the context of those two principles will find that my support will never waiver. This University demands and deserves that level of commitment and our mission cannot advance with anything less.

Again, I’m excited to be with the University of Houston and look forward to the future! Go Coogs!

— David Oliver, AVC/AVP Facilities/Construction Management

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