June is National Safety Month

UH Facilities promotes and encourages safety education

During National Safety Month, Facilities would like to highlight a few safety tips to ensure a safer work environment.  This June, we encourage you to learn more about important safety issues like Step Safety, Lift Safety, Shoe Safety, and Hydration Safety. We believe workplace safety is top priority so these measures will help us effectively guard against injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

  • Step Safely: Falls from portable ladders are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries. Be conscientious of the functioning, positioning, and the foundation of the ladder before use.
  • Lift Safely: Improper lifting of objects can lead to strains, fractures, and muscle damage. Remember to get a mechanical lifting aid or ask for assistance if the item being moved is too heavy.
  • Shoe Safety: Wearing the wrong shoes in the workplace can result in slips, falls, collisions, and burns. Slip Resistant Shoes and Steel-Toe/ Composite-Toe Boots are often required safety precautions to prevent accidents caused from wet areas or falling objects.
  • Hydration Safety: With temperatures rising in the upcoming summer months it is important to make a plan to stay hydrated. Distribute your water intake throughout the day to prevent any chance of dehydration, nausea, dizziness and heat stroke.

In recognition of National Safety Month, Facilities will be posting safety tips, resource  links and references throughout the month of June on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat at UH Facilities. Be sure to follow us to find out more.  

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