Rolling in a New Roll-Off Truck

A More Durable, Stronger, and Dependable Upgrade Takes on the Campus.


UH Facilities received a new Garbage Roll-off truck in May 2017. From the time it was decided, to the time it arrived was about two months. This new addition is stronger, more power efficient, and more stable than the preceding roll-off which is currently being repaired. With this new truck being more durable, it is able to handle the extensive weight of compactors and bins that are used for the disposal of trash throughout the campus.

There are 7 compactors on campus located at Garrison, Student Center Satellite, Moody Towers, Cougar Woods, Bayou Oaks and two at the Student Center (one for cardboard and one for trash). Compactors can weigh up to 64,000 lbs with the heaviest being located at the Student Center. Solid Waste and Recycling Supervisor Thomas Gosby keeps a close eye on the bins to ensure all are emptied as needed. Bins can be emptied as often as once a week at residence halls such as Calhoun Lofts and Moody Towers.

The peak increase for garbage disposal is during Move-In and Move-out time as well as major events such as Frontier Fiesta, a.jpgHomecoming and special charitable walks. Having another truck in place  removes the need for subcontracting during those peak points when bins fill more frequently and are in higher demand. As the school continues to grow with more students there is more of a need for compactors. For Frontier Fiesta 2016 there was only a need for 4 dumpsters but this need doubled to 8 dumpsters in 2017.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Crew consists of 8 hard working team members. Dwight Wilkins, who is a one of the proud drivers of the new addition, has been on the team for 2 years. He is excited to have a more reliable truck to help him with the tasks at hand. When training Solid Waste team members, they typically start with the smaller recycle trucks. They are then allowed to learn the roll-off truck mechanics and then get to experience the front-loader.