Number of LEED-Accredited Professionals in FP&C Continues to Grow

LEED-Accredited Professionals in FPC
From left to right: Susan Vail, Jeanne La Montagne, Kelly Buehler, Christa Reick and J. Trent Williams

Facilities Planning and Construction now has five staff members who have LEED accreditation.

Senior Facilities Planner Christa Rieck passed the "Green Associate" level test on June 6, allowing her to join four of her co-workers as being LEED accredited. Assistant Director for Planning Services Jeanne La Montagne passed the "LEED AP with Specialty" exam June 3 after passing the Green Associate exam last year.

Senior Project Managers J. Trent Williams, Kelly Buehler and Susan Vail both had previously passed exams to earn LEED AP (Accredited Professional) credentials.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program recognizes best-in-class sustainable building strategies and practices. Its accreditation program involves three tiers: the Green Associate, the LEED AP with Specialty, and LEED Fellow.

The AP exam that La Montagne took tests for an advanced level of green building knowledge in the areas of site selection and management, energy and water efficiency, materials use, and indoor environmental quality. There are 100 questions to answer over a two-hour period involving numerous formulae and percentages.

"Christa and I are especially fortunate in that our roles allow us to contribute directly to the green building design process here at UH," La Montagne said. "University construction needs are entirely compatible with sustainable design. We optimize land use, protect our open spaces, prioritize durability, energy efficiency and low life cycle costs, and promote alternative transportation options, all to the betterment of our mission."