Blaffer Art Museum Renovation Now Complete

Facilities Planning and Construction is proud to announce the completion of a transformative renovation of Blaffer Art Museum designed by WORK ac. Addressing issues of visibility, accessibility and circulation, the design emphasizes openness and connectivity through an expansion to the north side that houses a new welcoming entrance, and an expansive, visually dramatic staircase connecting the first and second floors. The museum will still be accessible from the Fine Arts Courtyard, where an inviting courtyard lounge has been created as a social gathering space for students and visitors. Both entrances are connected by an open reception and greeting area. The galleries also have undergone major renovation, including new floors, walls, ceilings, and a new art lighting system. The reconfiguration of the space allowed for the addition on the second floor of a media gallery to house the museum’s public programs and an artist studio dedicated to the museum’s many educational initiative. Infrastructural improvements include new HVAC and electrical systems, state of the art audio/visual capabilities and new security and fire suppression systems.

Blaffer Museum

Please contact Luiza Maal, Senior Project Manager, if you have any questions related to this project at lcmaal@Central.UH.EDU or by phone at 713-743-5793. For more construction project information, please visit the Facilities Planning and Construction website at or visit our Facebook page at