Calhoun Lofts Landscape and Walk Connection

Calhoun Lofts Walkway

FP&C is continually moving forward with effort in the Professional North Precinct District Landscaping Improvements, located on the northeast area of campus.  This phase of the landscape planning will include the area west side of Calhoun Lofts and the south court yard of Calhoun Lofts. The landscaping upgrades will include a series of plantings that align a new sidewalk leading from north to south from U of H Law Center to Cemo Lecture Hall and Melcher Business College. The landscaping will also provide new pedestrian lighting and benches along the new sidewalks and within the south court yard. The new lighting is in response to last year's Walk in the Dark Tour in which students, faculty and staff walked the campus and make recommendations about what can be done to make areas on campus safer.

Construction is scheduled to start, Monday, August 2nd, 2010 and completion is scheduled for Late Fall, 2010.

The area on the west side of Calhoun Lofts and east of parking lot 19D will be fenced for the construction site. The south court yard of Calhoun Loft will also be closed to pedestrians during this period. 

Calhoun Lofts Walkway Site Plan
Calhoun Lofts' site plan that outlines the limits of the construction area. 

If you have any question or concerns regarding issues surrounding this project, please contact two key contacts in Facilities Planning and Construction:

Morris Bennett
Senior Project Manager

Jonathan Thurston
Principal Project Manager